Be patient and be gentle

Be kind be patient

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I have a lonely bird at my windows playing with its image reflected on the tinted glass panel. It comes everyday doing the same thing it amused me. But aren’t human being doing the same every day trying to find friends who have similar interests and will ‘poke’ on each others as friends?

I hope Malaysian is more mature than the bird and would treat each other as friend regardless of financial status, races, religion or political interest then Malaysia will have hope for the future.

Avoid using harsh words on each other, be kind as they are after all your brothers and sisters. Be patient and be gentle with those having different opinion from us.

Bigger Cake Will Do the Trick?

This is not the first time we read about the same familiar lines from newspaper that a bigger economic cake will be made so that it will be enough for everyone.

Who got the bigger share?

With the nation resources ready to be employed therefore to make a bigger cake, by theory, should be not much a problem provided the ‘leak’ by corruption can be stopped.

Leaders tended to forget the objection voices from the public on the cake sharing ratio. If the leaders still stick to old formula of cake sharing ratio, when the unfortunate got enough the fortunate one will be ‘hospitalized’ owing to ‘over-eating’ from a bigger piece of economic cake.

It is clear that a bigger economic cake doesn’t guarantee fairer deal for unfortunate and low income group until the cake sharing ratio move in favor of unfortunate and low income group irrespective of race.

Photo tells a good story?

George Chan lovers photo
This photo appeared in See Hua Daily News and now posted in FB by one FB user for comments.

I must say such photo is not quite appropriate to appear in the front page of See Hua Daily News since the DCM never admit his relationship with her. Such photo has invited bad comments from FB users.