Give thanks to kind aluminium smelter company

Aluminium Smelter in Bintulu
Based on the above article, one learned person said in FB: Who said Sarawak don’t have anything ? Sarawak has the largest Aluminium Smelter Plant in South East Asia ! Electricity demand 1,300MW (54% of Bakun Dam supply) ! Without Bakun Dam, do you think that any investor want to invest this plant in Sarawak ? I don’t think any leader in PR and DAP has this kind of vision !
I am not sure any politician has any vision at all when come to pollution that could come from the smelter. Sure safe this smelter and no pollutant to affect our health? Can guarantee if something bad happen can claim life-time benefit?

Alumninium Smelter Pollution in China
(Aluminium Smelter Pollution in China)

Anyway, what kind of job created here and how many jobs? I have no idea of it. Senior post will be occupied by Sarawakian or West Malaysian? So if got job never mind about pollutant and you won’t die straight away?

I am not sure why investor so stupid to bring raw materials of so safe industry all the way from Australia incurring so much cost and do it here in Bintulu so primitive when compared to Australia? The residue of the smelter so safe also should be valuable to the investor and make no sense why they want to leave the residue behind in Sarawak. Make no sense at all.

They still have to transport back finished product incurring transportation cost. Someone having management or account or finance degree should advise them it is not cost effective to do it in Bintulu. They should employ Sarawakian to advise them on this.

Sarawak has no aluminum ore. Why spend so much money set up one in Bintulu wasting so much set up cost? Australian just might protest for bringing so huge smelter away from Australia losing so many jobs which could feed so many Australian. Again, it makes no sense at all.

May be we should be thankful for Australian company to invest in Malaysia causing so many jobs lost in Australia and creating so many jobs here. Or is it because of pollution Australian say NO to the smelter so they come to Bintulu? May be I am wrong with my limited knowledge. The company must be God-like kind, pray for the good and kind company.

Dialysis Patients Blue

Dialysis Centre To Meet Ministry of Health requirement or face close down on 1 May 2011

The MCA Health Minister Datuk Sri Liow said there are more than 600 dialysis centre in Malaysia and only 200+ can meet the requirement of Ministry Of Health. He wants dialysis centre to meet the requirement or close down. He also mentioned only about 80 dialysis doctors in Malaysia and one of the requirement is each centre must have a doctor. How to do that?

Isn’t it the duty of the Ministry of Health to assist all these centre in term of man power and financial support to provide decent services to the unfortunate dialysis patients? If these centre must close down then how soon can government come up with decent centre to take in these patients?

Perhaps Malaysian government should come up with the proper and decent dialysis centre in each General hospital to provide the free or low cost services. If Datuk Sri Liow could not do that where can these patients go? Hopefully this issue will not be an issue in Sarawak state election.

First thing Malaysian government should do is to ‘produce’ another 400+ dialysis specialist to supervise these centres in order to meet the Ministry of Health requirement. But could this be achieved in 1 month as Datuk Sri Liow gives them up to May 1 to comply. Unless centres can share one specialist doctor?

Enough is enough?

African in Malaysia

We see more report of criminal activities involving African visitors in Malaysia.

In Kuching alone, there were several rape and attempted rape cases involving African. One university college even having such students threatening the safety of female students and lecturers and personnel. But to protect the good name of the university college, no police help were asked to put a stop to all these problems.

We have enough local criminals to bring headache to Sarawakian, we do not need any ‘imported’ criminals to threaten our safety. Isn’t it time something should be done?



一个老板和家人吵架后, 到办公处心情不好, 把属下拿来发脾气,属下也生气了把员工骂了,员工回家找小事把老伴骂了, 结果妈妈把刚回到家的孩子骂了。孩子莫名其妙的被骂,一肚子气没处发泻,骂地上的猫,“你又干了甚么坏事!” 一脚把猫踢飞了。

所以?那老板到员工家踢那只猫就好了,何必让那么多人陪他受罪? :D

Equal Opportunity Given To Be Rich?

My friend was so excited about it quickly read through the today front page news on Borneo Post only to be disappointed. To him, no equal chance has ever been given especially when BUMI special rights is/will be around with us for many years to come.

Even if equal chance do exist, that still depends on many factors to make one rich. First of all you must have the resources to get rich, that includes ‘you know who’, ‘you know how’ and ‘you got what’.

If you do not have the fund then you won’t have to fun to be rich.

If you do not know the right person who could assist you, you won’t have the right ‘jalan’ to move on to the ‘get rich’ path.

And if you do not have the ‘thing’ that the right person want, your chance to get rich is equal to zero.

True, trying to get rich is never an easy ‘job’, you must have the main three resources. But just may be what people want is not get rich opportunity but to have equal opportunity to enter local universities and government services. A fair deal in a democratic country.

Kill Blame Culture?

Interesting idea from DCM of SMC Daniel Ngieng on “Blame Culture”. Yes, I agree with the logic of ‘stop blaming others’.

But, sometime we just can’t blame others having ‘blaming culture’ as people have run out of patience and ‘blaming others’ has become a ‘habit’ and now a ‘culture’.

May be we should kill not just blaming culture but also ‘delay culture’. During dinner function, dinner delayed because VVIP late for dinner. When applying for Permanent Resident status or any other matters, approval delayed prompting hardship and suspicious of waiting for “under-table money”. Flooding hit Sibu frequently, local people waited for so long for both a long-term and short-term solution and yet they see nothing. Immediate dredging of Rejang River is not in sight.

Therefore, delay-culture is definitely the source of all evils?

Petroleum loyalty

I read with interest today one YB would like to have the petroleum loyalty increased. May be Sarawak and Sabah as the deposit for BN should give due consideration or else BN depositors might do ‘withdrawal’ in the coming election?