A Point Of No Return

Najib Expressed Concern Over SUPP Split

The dust had settled and it is now crystal clear that the split in SUPP is permanent and the chance of reconciliation is very slim (or zero) despite that fact that olive branch has been extended to Datuk Wong Soon Koh and his team.

Datuk Wong Soon Koh and his team had complained about ‘irregularities’ at various branches elections to Kuching Head office and some branches even lodged police report and made complaint reports to ROS. However, SUPP Head Office in Kuching didn’t see any need to do anything to the complaint as they perceived Head Office (or individual leader’s decision?) instruction to the branches concerned as valid and justified.

However, Party Leader Datuk George Chan at later stage did mention that SUPP never had any election before so some ‘hiccup’ in this 22nd part election as expected. However, party members as well as public regard such ‘hiccup’ statement as lame excuses or SUPP leaders never fully understand their party constitution therefore could not act accordingly to constitution and fairly.

Some public even questioned the so called comradeship and se-hati slogan especially when they read about how they dictate how each branch should run the branch election according to individual Central Committee leader’s view point instead of back to Central Committee group/collective decision.

All these led to dissatisfaction of the receiving end, Datuk Wong Soon Koh’s team, inevitably forcing them to boycott the TDC making the split in SUPP permanently. After the 22nd SUPP election, elected SUPP leaders trying to show their friendly gesture by allocating 7 seats for them and asking them to be part of the new team. But such friendly gesture came too late and Datuk Wong SK has declined to accept such arrangement and distant his team from the TDC and the newly elected team. If such friendly gesture is genuine it should come before the TDC to work out a win-win solution, especially when Datuk Wong Soon Koh had openly stated that he wanted to talk to Peter Chin, but it never happen before TDC.

There is a speculation that a new political party is formed to accommodate all party-less YBs. Will Datuk Wong Soon Koh and his team join the new political party if it is duly registered and approved? This is a million dollar question.

Need broad band service?
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Visit the One-Stop Service Centre in Sibu:

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We are still waiting ……. ?

Prime Minister acknowledges Sarawak’s crucial role in parliamentary election

Flight Cancellation

If it is so perhaps our PM should see to it that MAS and Fireflyz don’t simply cancel flights and routes to and from Sarawak and Sabah.

Sarawakian opined that despite so many talk of acknowledgement of Sarawak contribution to the nation there are ‘little’ has been done to improve the infra structure as well as inflow of development fund to enhance Sarawak status in order to to create opportunities for both business and industrial sectors and at the same time to reduce or prevent outflow of young population.

It is likely that MAS and Fireflyz policies of cutting non-profitable routes in Sarawak and Sabah will become an issue in the coming 13th General Election which could be at the disadvantage of Barisan Nasional.

A Blessing In The Making …. ?

Malaysia Quota

Bumi quotas set to go, says Najib

The above article appeared in today’s Malaysiakini Portal News and I believe many Malaysian would be please to know that Malaysian Government after so many years realized the need to do away with the quota.

If PM is going to walk the talk, it will be a blessing to Malaysia and at the same time no one would have the excuse of not working closely with all races to bring betterment in Malaysia. The proposal shows the mutuality of political leaders and the new political era in Malaysia.

However, some would worry that PM might give in to extremist pressure and views both inside and outside of UMNO making the proposal nothing but pie-in-the-sky.


Who is right?

All the time we argue just to prove the point that we are right. Because we want to maintain our image of right all the time. However, some good teaching trying to sway away from this traditional way of thinking by asking “What is right?”

When facing the question of “What is right?” we will be leaving our own so called ‘dignity’ behind and get down the earth and face the reality squarely and objectively. When solving problems based on “What is right?” or “What is wrong?” it will be above political party and personal interest and less defensive of our own stand.

However, when adopting such ‘progressive’ method to solve problems. One would be seen as going against own political party’s interest or clan’s interest as you could be exposing the weakness and malpractice of own political party or organization. When one is in that situation you could be genuinely working for ‘justice’ of Rakyat but will soon be victimized by members/comrades.

Some of those adopting ‘What is right” methodology are under pressure and forced to give in to “Who is right” concept back to traditional way of doing things. BUT will the organization have ‘bright’ future when everyone is protecting oneself and all doing the ‘traditionally right thing’ to please the leaders in order to stay inline with the beat of the rest?

Do we need a clown to entertain us?


Khairy: ‘Chinese stay home’ warning is seditious

Is it seditious? If it is why Malaysian Government not taking any action against Ibrahim Ali? Is it because Ibrahim Ali is above law and/or he is ‘employed’ by UMNO extremists to do all these ‘seditious acts’?

Malaysian Government somehow has to do something to this gentleman Ibrahim Ali to show to local and overseas people that the government is still in control of the situation and not siding Ibrahim Ali.

If the government continues to allow him to make the so called ‘seditious remark’ the government will be perceived as ‘weak and bias’ and kowtowing to racist people and against 1-Malaysia spirit.

Allowing the so called clown to clown around will be bad for foreign investors as they might get the wrong message that Malaysia is going to have trouble and withhold their intention to invest in Malaysia which we cannot afford to have.








Loss of One Loyal Voter A Loss of 2 Votes

State election is just 7 days away, candidates are busy soliciting supporting votes while public goes on with own life and occasionally talk about state election at kopitiam with friends over a cup of kopi or a plate of kampua.

Reason People Dont Vote

Some worried about losing loyal voters owing to misunderstanding or internal problem or power struggle. They started estimating how many votes they could secure and how many votes will be ‘going astray’. Final estimation might give them many sleepless nights or nice sleeps but many didn’t realise that a loss of loyal voter to the other political camp is not merely losing a vote. In fact, it is a loss of two votes.

You might wonder how can that be true? It is quite simple. You are losing a vote for yourself and at the same time the other party gain a vote therefore a total of two (2) votes. However, if a loyal voter not happy with you but he or she just decide not to vote then it is a loss of only 1 vote for you and the other party gain no extra vote.

With that in mind therefore, all candidates should make sure loyal voters would continue to vote for you or don’t vote at all.

Next Election Will See More Angry Voters?

Borneo Post reported 4 views on the angry voters in the next state election.

These are the opinion of 4 persons in Sibu.

Sibu people like others still feel the pinch of hike in prices of several essential items from gas to food. But as long as they still could make ends meet, some would believe that will not affect the outcome very much.

Some reckon the unfairness of policies and services received and felt by the community would impact the outcome.

When leaders are unreachable and not helpful when needed might put off the local community. While some perceived by public as corrupted will likely affect the outcome as well.

Of course there will be any last-minute current issue that might change the voting mood of voters

The 5-min say all meeting

It was reported in newspaper that Malaysian Prime Minister met East Malaysia past and present (possible) candidates for the coming state and federal elections.

It was said that some voiced their stand not to stand for the coming election. May be it was the number of candidates that Prime Minister has to meet that require a 5-min limit for each candidate to voice their opinion in order to have an efficient meet-all sessions.

Public opined that unless all these candidates are having say-all and not worry about consequences attitude, the 5-min ruling will likely bear little ‘fruit’ . Worse still they hold back what are in their minds.

These potential candidates face not just public pressure but also BN and opposition pressure making their live less bearable. Some even having presentation and management problem in parliament especially when questioned by opposition YBs.

However, some feel that unless BN revamp, the same old problem of ‘miss-communication’ will continue and bringing frustration. The olds where possible and necessary should give way to the new blood bringing new life to BN.

“Will some of the BN possible candidates jump ships in the coming election?” It is the question public is waiting to find the answer. Opposition seems to have more this sort of problem. Some claimed that it is the doing of BN.

The 5-min say all meeting some regarded it as ‘not serious’ ; what do you think?