How Would Telekom Malaysia Service Me?


My office was using SDSL (Download 1.5 M and upload 1.5M)under 2-year special rate of RM432 contract. On seeing the expiry date drawing nearer each day I decided to opt for Office in a box option (4M download and 512 kps upload). Coincidentally, Telekom Malaysia conducting seminar at Hotel Kingwood and I was invited to attend the seminar.

During the seminar I informed one of the lady officer SDSL service was unstable and speed was no difference from normal ADSL. At the same time I indicated my interest in getting Office in a box (4M download) option.

Two days after the seminar, 3 Telekom Malaysia representative came to see me trying to solve my SDSL unstable problem. They suggested to me to opt for leased line which would cost me more than RM2,000 a month. I told them to their face based on the volume of business and their quality of service it won’t be cost effective to go for leased line and I had no confidence in their ‘best available features’. Again I confirmed with them of the sign up of the Office in a box (4M). But after that meeting in my office none of them turn up and no effort to officially sign me up for the package in next 2 weeks time!

Two weeks later I received the SDSL statement telling me now to pay RM616 instead of RM432 after 2 years promotion contract. I dialed 100 to complain about the new rate and they advised me to apply a new SDSL account for promotion rate of RM432 and cancel the existing one. I told the officer that I told their office that I would like to sign up for Office in a box but nothing was done. They promised to investigate and it turned up to be the lady supposed to sign me up was on leave. I called up my friend in Kuching and signed up with the agent there and Office in a box internet was tested and installed in mere 2 days. The performance so far not much difference from my previous SDSL 1.5M (Download and Upload)account. And I paid extra for poor quality service for 2 years.

Three days later the same Telekom Malaysia’s lady Sophia called and asked me why I signed up with agent and “How would she service me?” That was a very good question indeed.

Telecom Malaysia, our patience is running thin

Snail Speed

A FB friend commented: “Telecom Malaysia, our patience is running thin. You are running the monopoly business in running internet line.”

While another FB friend commented: “U could do what Namewee did to TNB” “You are asking Ray to point his ‘middle’ finger?” I asked him as a joke.

I made so many complaints on the streamyx I gave up hope that they would improve at all! I opt for SDSL paying discounted rate of about RM432 per month for 1.5M both up and down load speed. BUT they gave very very unstable and poor speed. Not worth to pay the RM432 per month!

Another FB friend commented: “True indeed..our local telco n its subsidaries r not up 2 d mark..too complacent n arrogent at times!!” It shows that the dissatisfaction is quite an issue.

One of my friends said when he complained too much they asked him to terminate streamyx if not happy. This is called customer service! Another time when got problem I complained and when the telecom girl knew I have the streamyx shared in a network. She said streamyx cant support network. I told her that was new to me becos I had it connected in network for more than 5 years and working all this while! It shows their technical team members are too green to do the job.

Still remember when your streamyx dead on you and you called for help? They asked you one by one from their checklist, Have you done this and that ? Worse still when there is no streamyx signal and you call 100 for help and they knew it is new streamyx line they said it is still under installer warranty! Installer just activate streamyx not for ensuring streamyx signal connection, it is the job of telekom technical personnel.

The above are ‘quality service’ that we all received from the ‘almighty’ Telekom Malaysia. I know, I know ….. some of you want to shout …. Malaysia Boleh! Ok …. go ahead!

Another FB friend said: “well, d mighty gets mightier…at d expense of d rakyat..wat can we do..many people tried..but…. Talk abt d call centre..after pressing button after button…lastly..u hear d sweet voice “Sorry..all our operators r engaged now!”..pls waitttttttt………..fore​ver.”

For situation like that you can email them and you can use angry ‘word’ in email too ….

Newspaper ‘Special’ Delivery Treatment

Just call the newspaper office and cancel my newspaper subscription.
The newspaper is ok but the delivery person is ‘terrible’ when come to my house the person just ‘simply threw’ it outside the gate while neighbor newspaper placed at gate. Since I received such ‘special’ treatment I decide not to be ‘honored’ by the ‘special treatment’.

Fortunately I opt monthly subscription now I can cancel and may be that made delivery man unhappy? Actually, I paid more for monthly subscription when compared to annual subscription but the delivery man has to collect subscription fee monthly.

There are so many newspaper to read both printed and online newspaper and TV news, cancellation of the newspaper won’t deprive me of the latest news/development.

A friend commented:
“You should complain to the office before the cancellation. The delivery man puts the newspaper inside our letter box everyday but sometimes half inside, half outside, when it is raining days, then I only read half of the papers! I will call the office and ask them to send another one!”

Actually we have letter box but the delivery man just can’t be bothered. I call the office to cancel subscription and also mentioned the delivery problem. The office lady didn’t apologise for the problem and didn’t ask me to keep the newspaper subscription but accept my cancellation. May be it has been a common thing to her? The office lady was not trained to apologize for the problem caused by the delivery man.

My friend said: “May be they have too much money already!”