Why Opposing Youth Wing Registration?



Last few days I was surprised to read certain association leaders openly objecting their respective youth body to register with relevant authority for activity fund saying this would cause disunity among association members and in the process dissociated youth wing from the parent body especially when youth wing is registered as recognised body and is financially independent.

However, it seems that none of them would care to find out the details. In fact, when Larry Sng suggested all youth wing organisation to register with the aurhority for activity fund what he meant was to register with Registrar of Youth and not with Register of Society. Therefore, there is no question of dissociating Youth Wing from parent body nor disunity among members.

May be there is worry of losing youth wing dependency on parent body owing to financial independence which prompted certain leaders to criticize Larry Sng for making such suggestion?

Mini Film Festival For Sibu

Mini Film Festival

SMC has decided that Sibu Cultural Festival to be held in July 2012 after one year break.

However, I would like to see something different this time, may be a mini film festival? Inviting Taiwan, HK, China and even Europe film directors (less well known directors or producers) to show-case their production with some cash price for the winners? May be a category for Malaysians making use of Sibu scenery to producing a short film for competition too.

We have to bring in foreigners to our activities instead of earning each other pocket money, right?

Film shows at Sibu Town Square in the evening for 2-3 weeks will definitely attract more people to Sibu, Sarawak. May be a permanent Grand theater should be built on top of river in Sibu Town Square Phase II for present and future activities in Sibu Town Square.
In my opinion, fanfare type of activities is boring and less attractive. It is time to bring in foreigners to Sibu instead of having activities just for the locals.

New Sibu In The making?

Sibu development

Sibu is having more shophouses and shopping malls
Is that good when the population remain the same or reducing?
I wonder how come people still got the resources to build and buy such properties?

Friends said it could be one form of ‘money laundry’ but I could not agree with that as most development are done by reputed companies.

Some said the rental so low and cost of properties so high and monthly repayment to bank so high, return from rental not enough to pay bank installment.

One thing for sure, it gives the ‘feeling’ that Sibu is developing and progressing despite the security problems (killing and murdering cases).

One thing most people would like to see is ‘sufficient parking space’ accompanying the development. Many hope that SMC will not compromise the requirement of sufficient parking space allocation in the development plan with monetary penalty on the developers as it will bring more parking blue to Sibu people.

Drainage system is definitely an eye sore in Sibu. The Unggus Housing Garden next to Star Mega Mall is unacceptable by whatever standard with no drainage outlet and all discharge is to the vacant land next to the housing garden. Despite residents paying quit land and assessment fee to the authority most drainage in the region is in appalling state.

Metal Collection in the region is another eye-sore that needs relocation to prevent any untoward accident from happening owing to its location at the road junction.

Competition Act Creates Chaos?

Free For All?

Kopitiam Outlet

During a morning kopi-o drink with my friends in a kopitiam, some of my friends said the argument of Competition Act creating chaos could not hold any water. They reasoned even before Competition Act comes into law, Sibu Coffeeshop and Restaurant Owners Association has no control over its members charging public higher prices than recommended by Sibu Coffeeshop and Restaurant Owners Association during or after Chinese New Year.

Any kopitiams or outlets deciding to charge more will risk losing its customers as once ‘cheated’ by sudden increase in price public will move to other outlets. The only thing council or ministry of domestic trade & co-operative and consumerism should enforce is to make sure all prices of drinks and food listed on each table so that public will know prices before ordering. If too expensive public can decide to stay or move to other outlets.

Will the authority proceed to declare food and drinks sold in kopitiams and food outlet as “controlled item” if prices of food and drinks ‘out of control’ as claimed in the news? One friend jokingly suggested the authority should set the profit margin of all food and drinks prepared and sold in kopitiams and food outlets to 10-20% maximum. That will create a win-win situation perhaps?

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

[Click the picture to read in full size]

[Click the picture to read in full size]

It was reported in today’s Sin Chew Newspaper saying Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CFO) has not been issued to the house involved in the brutal killing at Jalan RTM, Sibu.

The president of developers association Lau Ga King said without CFO developers could still proceed to obtain water and electricity supply for the house.

Mr. Lau also said it is required under council’s law and regulation that terrace house and semi detached house must have 9 inches thick of fire-wall (equivalent to 2 pieces brick size) up to the roof to prevent spread of fire and those with ulterior motive to climb over to next doors via space between roof and ceiling.

With these information, council should be able to come up with the following plan:

1) Council’s architect must check on the quality of finished houses (for any sinking or cracks on the building) as well as checking fire-wall as mentioned above up to the roof before issuing certificate of fitness for occupation. The developers of the housing project must sign a letter of indemnity to take full responsibility of any defects discovered and any harm incurred owing to the defects/poor workmanship of the houses in the next 3 years. Photos should be taken by architect to prove that proper inspection has been carried out before issuing CFO and these photos must be properly filed with the relevant documents for future reference.

2) Certificate of Fitness for Occupation must be obtained before water and electricity supply could be approved to prevent house owners taking the risk of living in ‘defective’ houses.

3) For existing houses that do not have the proper fire-wall council should contact developers to have it completed as soon as possible.

How to prevent next brutal killing from happening?

Murder case solved?

Police believe quadruple murder solved

After intensive investigation by polis force, at last the criminal identified. But some would say if the terrace houses in the region has proper walls built (inside the ceiling) to prevent illegal entry from neighboring terraced or semi detached house units via ceiling such brutal killing and similar tragedies can be avoided.

To prevent similar thing from happening, please make it a law that all semi detached and terraced houses must have full brick or concrete walls inside the ceiling to prevent spread of fire as well as case like this – murder from repeating!

If I am not wrong in Johor Bahru it is a must that adjacents walls with neighboring units must reach the roof to prevent fire from spreading as well as illegal entry through the opening in the space between roof and ceiling.

It is not difficult to move from one house to another if there is no walls between roof and ceiling. You just use a ladder to climb into your ceiling and from there you walk on the wooden frame into all the houses next to yours. Just imagine if a criminal can access it what will happen next? If you are having terrace or semi detach house make sure there is no such ‘loophole’.

Councillors in Sarawak should learn something from this brutal murder case especially when come to issuing CFO (Certificate Of Fitness For Occupation). Please make sure the adjacent walls that separate terrace houses or semi detached houses are built right to the roof top. If a law need to be passed in State Cabinet please do it. A new concrete house will give house buyer ‘false sense’ of security when in actual fact the houses they bought could be ‘defective’.


Sales Gimmick

Recent close down for renovation sales of one public listed company gave 70% discount on certain products. However, some shoppers learned that 70% discounted product can only give 30% of normal life span of the product.

That means normal product might last you 1 year the 70% discounted can only last you 3 months or less. You might wonder why? Reason 1: The product is defective or rejected by outlet owing to failing to meeting the quality standard so disposed them at 70% discounted price. Reason 2: It is an old stock and the product might get deteriorated by natural process so have to get rid of it by giving discounted price before the factory or outlet have a total loss owing to deterioration

My advice is go for branded product and not those unknown products. Beware of those ‘imitation’ products that looks like or sound like the branded products. Buy them at reputable outlet to have better chance of getting genuine products.

Can the newly registered 7-clan association do great harm to Sibu Chinese?

Betray Chinese?

This article shows the latest development of the 7-clan association issue

It seems that the newly formed association is not even ready with no information of pro-tem committee members published. If the 7 association members have agreed to join then they have to have their decision minuted during their either AGM or committee meeting (if committee authorised to decide) then it is clear-cut case else … more trouble ahead.

Some friends felt that anyone has the right to setup new association as long as the intention is good. However, before the new association is in operation supporters of UCA have ‘bad-mouthed’ it. Labeling it with all kinda of names, like betrayers of Chinese and with ulterior political agenda etc etc. Phew … the topic is getting more heat ….

Since it is just an association and merely could run as an association; what more could it do? To split Chinese? Many might worry that these 7 associations might decide not to be part of United Chinese Association as ‘valueable members’ making UCA weak while others felt that as long as this newly registered 7-association association become a member of UCA it should remove all worries. What do you think?

A handful of people opined that as long as the 7 clan association could get land (200acres?) directly from CM, what wrong can that be? As long as it could benefit Chinese, what wrong can that be? They see no wrong to use ‘different jalan’ to get what they want.

While cheeky people said, politicians felt ‘left-out’ when 7-clan association could approach CM and get land directly without going through them making them ‘look bad’.

If Sibu leaders managed to stop 7 clan associations from joining the newly registered 7-clan association would the initiator approach individual from these 7 clan associations to join as an individual member making it hard for anyone to stop the 7-clan association from becoming alive?


Out of Service

Did you ever come across Cash Deposit machines occupied by the same group of people with a stack of RM100 or RM50 (about 6″ high) and taking their sweet time depositing into cash deposit machine? Would you wait for your turn or quit?

As for me, I didn’t waste my time I give up and went home as they occupied all cash deposit machine with so much money it will take a very very long time especially when machines keep on rejecting cash and they keep on trying to deposit them!!

I find it quite silly for bank to treat its customers like this. All cash deposit in cash deposit machine, kind of telling you “I don’t want to see your face; please get lost!’ Now in overseas some country have put back traditional human-touch services. here they treat your account a number.

A friend reckoned: “this group of people are using hundreds and thousands of bumiputera names to apply for new shares – Initial Public Offers (IPO) to make their living. 1 bumiputra name can earn them RM1000 easily when the new shares are listed. that is why you kept seeing them…..”

According to her: “recently, they make a lot by applying to two newly listed companies in Bursa Malaysia such as MSM and Bumi Armada. they can make easily 100k to 500k for every share listing. some of them are more advanced… you dun see them anymore coz some are using internet to do all these transactions… the ones that you see are the group that doesnt know how to use internet banking.”

“they make thier living by applying shares and sell them on the first fay of the listing but they get away from IRD easily … how did they get so many bumi names…. they charter bus to go to long house and bring the natives to open banking accounts.”

“IPOs is a money printing machine… imagine, you dun even hv to work or do business, all you need to do is to get bumiputras to come to open a banking account and you may use thier name to apply for new shares.”

Wow, that is awsome! Never know people can make a living doing that too! I thank her for the information.

ATM Cash Deposit Machine should be an additional option for bank and finance companies customers to convenience them not to push customers away from counter. BUT, they all ask customers to go to the machines instead. They only entertain rich and premium customers at special counter!

I once witnessed a bank tea party at their banking hall, seeing them entertaining rich and important customers while the rest of the customers were transparent to them and not invited to attend the party. If they did it away from office and behind the rest of the customers no one will know BUT they did it during office hours!

Sibu Post Office Back Office And Registered Mail Collection Centre Moved

POS Malaysia

Since 31st July 2011, without any ‘warning’ the whole operation moved to Theng Kung Suk (SEDC Light Industrial area). It was said the location is next to Lanang Bus Repair Hub. From then on, any registered mail or parcel you have to travel all the way to collect. You still collect your letter box and CDT mail in old building.

According to them mails sorting will be done there and transferred sorted mails to old building to dispatch into respective mail box or CDT box. Front Office operation remain in old building and likely Poslaju will be in the same old building (shifted from Sungei Merah)

The logic of asking registered mail/parcels recipients to travel all the way to collect items is questionable in view of the distance. The new location is rented and next question is “Why rent a place so far away from town?”