5 – Star Facilities Asked and Given. What is next?

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Recent renovation of shopping mall public toilets at level 5 invited more ‘shit’ as even ground floor tenants go all the way to level 5 to do their ‘business’ there. The management is proud to deliver the 5-star toilet for the tenants as well as public. It is classified as 5 star toilet because of marble floor tile and wall and new water tapes and toilet water jet system that help to clean your ‘secretion’.

However, one has to doubt the durability of the 5 – star toilet in view of die-hard habit of destroying something that come into their sight and touch of certain saboteurs of public facilities.

Frequent damage to traffic light, public toilets and playground facilities are very good evidences of kind of mentality of certain public. A few years ago, I saw a teenage girl using her index finger trying to ‘drill’ a hole into an office high-back chair; asking her why she tried to make a hole in the chair. She answered back : “Mana Ada?” while her index finger still digging into the chair. Will proper education do the job of removing such vandalizing mentality?

Last Sunday, I visited a kopitiam cum restaurant in Sungei Merah area intended to have a late lunch with my wife and noticed someone had made a hole at the seat of all the good chairs there. I felt sad for such a sight. Throwing Chewing gum on carpet and sticking used chewing gum to chairs are common in Sarawak.

If education will make a difference perhaps we have to start from pre-school to inculcate that vandalism is wrong and hopefully after 10 years of such education we will see noticeable reduction of all these vandalism.

Waiting For Hand-out?

1Malaysia People Assistance

Some regarded the “1Malaysia People Assistance (BRM1)” as hand-out while others alleged such assistance nothing but political candy.

Such assistance may be useful/helpful for those in financial difficulty but even in such case it will be ‘bad’ for the nation if wrong ‘habit’ has been inculcated in the process. Such generous act under BRM1 if becoming yearly or monthly event it will deplete our nation resource.

Most of us remember the Chinese fable of a farmer coming across a rabbit running into a tree and felt unconscious and became dinner for the farmer. From the following day onwards the farmer decided to wait by the tree for the same thing to happen as farming was definitely a tough job. He waited for months and yet no more rabbit would run into the same tree for him to have a easy harvest of rabbit. Hopefully, our people won’t treat “1Malaysia People Assistance (BRM1)” as the rabbit that would continue to provide ‘easy harvest’ without any effort on our own.

I believe most of us had often heard comments by our leaders saying “It is better teaching the needy how to fish instead of giving them fishes”. But are we doing the right thing by giving out “1Malaysia People Assistance (BRM1)” and the long queue at the “dispatch/distribution” counter has either confirmed a large number of our people are having financial difficulties or we are encouraging easy life by giving handout and at the same time inculcating wrong attitude?

Isn’t it better for Malaysian Government to adopt pro-active strategy to help Malaysian irrespective of race out of poverty and hardship? Some even suggested that if corruption could be stopped at all level Malaysian would not have to depend on “1Malaysia People Assistance (BRM1)”. But what should be the best solution for our problem?

Another Credit Card Scam?

credit card

Just received a call from 0147283328 asking about credit card matters. I asked him where is he calling from. He said he is agent of credit card. I asked again where is he calling from. He said ‘thank you’ and terminate tele-marketing. I wonder why credit card holders have to subject to these kind of abuse daily? Our personal information is no longer P & C?

I think all these nonsense should be stopped. We need a law to protect being harassed by these people. It will be good if we can sue them for harassment and for being using our p & c information.

Dream Shattered?!

Insurance cheaters

I received the following letter from Malaysian Assurance Alliance Berhad telling me the insurance company was acquired by Zurich Insurance Company Limited of Switzerland and at the same time saying they are unable to maintain the current level of bonus rates, including maturity and terminal bonus rates. Please refer to the letter below.

(Please Click on the above document to read in full size)

The insurance policy is for my son’s future education investment and based on the insurance policy he will get quite a large sum of money at certain age or upon maturity.

However such change of bonus rates, including maturity and terminal bonus rates, to me, is not ethical and malpractice subject policy holders to unfair deals. Once insurance policy take effect, the Malaysian Government should see to it that insurance companies should adhere to the term or conditions stated so that insurance policy holders interest will be protected at all time.

I cancelled my own insurance policy with the same company many years ago because they extended the maturity year of my policy from 14 years to ‘as and when needed/extended’. To me Malaysian Insured are at the mercy of insurance companies and Malaysian Government should monitor them closely to ensure their investment is prudent; if not who could trust the insurance companies for protection?

In short, are they going to honour the insurance policies inssued by them?

More secured Facebook log in?


I read in one computer magazine saying it is more secured to use https://www.facebook.com/ to login but after logging in using https://www.facebook.com/ it went back to http://www.facebook.com/ (the normal facebook site instead or more secured https://www.facebook.com/)
May be there is a way ….?

Funny! When I click on the above secured link https://www.facebook.com/ of face book it has become secured site!! Wow! That means it is better for you to use https://www.facebook.com/ to login.

Food For Health?

Ice Cream - potential risk?

After two scoop of ice cream from neighboring shop I was down with diarrhea. After taking LOMODIUM Capsule (Loperamide HCI 2mg) and later two charcoal capsules I am now back on my feet.

I suspect it is the ice cream scoop that dipped in water was the culprit. May be the water was never changed and the container and the scoop are seldom have a good wash?

if you are eating outside you will notice that the rice bowl that scoop rice and put on plate is always in water and they just fish it out from water and scoop rice for you. Is that ok?

Isn’t it the job of Health Department to check on the operation of food outlet to ensure sound and clean food provided instead of bacteria-infected food?

Overseas health department early morning going around food centre to collect samples to determine the cleanliness of food as well as utensil and etc. Can we expect the same thing here in Malaysia?

Talking About Staying Alive

Management of company and political parties
[Please click on the picture above to read the article in full size]

I am not talking about BEE GEES song but how to stay alive in business and politics.
The article is good for checking against one’s company or political party for the similar trend that could have happened and realized the mistakes made and finding the way-out in order to revamp and progress.
This article appeared in Yesterday’s Sin Chew and I post it here just to share the ideas/points.

School Fair Sponsorship


(25 July 2011) I was approached a day ago to sponsor Methodist Sec School fair by a boy in school uniform. But when I asked for the purpose of sponsorship he was not able to say the purpose. He brought along a club letter (without school letter head and no sponsor card) saying Dutch Lady sponsored them the fair.

A friend commented:
“Could be one of the children of some foreign professional.This method of soliciting for money are very common nowaday.Please check it out.”

But newspaper news revealed there was a fund raising indeed but I wonder whether the boys is authorized to go around asking for cash sponsor. News shows PTA President and School Principal at the fund raising function. BUT no authorized letter with letter head for the ‘poor’ boy? Why?

If our mother school allows such way of fund raising, isn’t it giving chance to crooks to make ‘profit’ from the situation?

I Love Malaysia, Malaysia Loves Me Too?

PM and DPM didn’t walk the talk?
I love Malaysia
So many evidences show that Malaysian government is continuously not honoring what they said about scholarship for SPM straight A+ students despite PM at so many occasions ensuring that it is the policy of Malaysian government. With such disheartening thing happening every year what would BN leaders expect voters to do in the next election? To support BN?

Straight A policy

To some it is ok to ask BN component parties to help to right the wrong while others just could not accept the fact that double standard used in awarding scholarship. Why these unfortunate students have to go through so many hurdles to get the scholarship when it has been published in newspaper straight A+ students will get their scholarship?

If it is the over-sight of education officers then the officer should be reprimanded for not doing the assigned job properly bringing shame to both Prime Minister and Malaysian government.

If it is done in purpose and against the interest of public and deserving students; it will be shocking to all Malaysians as well as overseas investors. Hopefully, it is just an over-sight of the officer-in-charge. May be the computer system should take the blame for such ‘over-sight’?

It is an old problem re-surfacing every year making Malaysians wondering whether it is done intentionally?

Someone suggested that BN leaders should redesign the selection system whereby JPA be made “color-blind”. Let all the straight candidates send their applications directly to PM office, both bumi or non-bumi, then these applications will be assigned with numbers so that JPA will not know the applicants’ racial identity.

People believe all the unfair incidents and corruptions are done in the grass-root level of the Government.

This has become an annual issue and it should be overcome to prove that Malaysian government is in fact efficient.

Double Standard On Bible

Malaysian Government Lift Ban On Bible For East Malaysian Only

After reading the news, I do not know what to say to such 10 points solution. If foreigners going to read such news won’t they find it strange to have ‘double standard’ on bible? East and West Malaysia standards? We talk about 1-Malaysia definitely Malaysian government can do better than that by just using the treatment for East Malaysian applying to all Malaysian Christians. Right?

Some considered such 10 points solution given to East Malaysian as State Election gift while others perceived Malaysian government changed of heart suddenly just to avoid the issue affecting state election results.