Illicit outflows of Ringgit, whose responsibility?

The comments of Malaysiakini readers reflects how common people perceived such matter (

I still remember during financial crisis the ex PM Datuk Dr. Mahathir mentioned in newspaper he would sent a few hundred million Ringgit (or in USD?) to Indonesia to help our neighbor. If my memory did not fail me then next question is whether Cabinet knew about it and authorized such transfer of money. If it was on loan to Indonesia, were there any ‘black-and-white’ IOU favoring Malaysia government? If there was none then what would happen next to this money?

Who should be responsible for this transaction?

Kill Blame Culture?

Interesting idea from DCM of SMC Daniel Ngieng on “Blame Culture”. Yes, I agree with the logic of ‘stop blaming others’.

But, sometime we just can’t blame others having ‘blaming culture’ as people have run out of patience and ‘blaming others’ has become a ‘habit’ and now a ‘culture’.

May be we should kill not just blaming culture but also ‘delay culture’. During dinner function, dinner delayed because VVIP late for dinner. When applying for Permanent Resident status or any other matters, approval delayed prompting hardship and suspicious of waiting for “under-table money”. Flooding hit Sibu frequently, local people waited for so long for both a long-term and short-term solution and yet they see nothing. Immediate dredging of Rejang River is not in sight.

Therefore, delay-culture is definitely the source of all evils?

Petroleum loyalty

I read with interest today one YB would like to have the petroleum loyalty increased. May be Sarawak and Sabah as the deposit for BN should give due consideration or else BN depositors might do ‘withdrawal’ in the coming election?