Dialysis Patients Blue

Dialysis Centre To Meet Ministry of Health requirement or face close down on 1 May 2011

The MCA Health Minister Datuk Sri Liow said there are more than 600 dialysis centre in Malaysia and only 200+ can meet the requirement of Ministry Of Health. He wants dialysis centre to meet the requirement or close down. He also mentioned only about 80 dialysis doctors in Malaysia and one of the requirement is each centre must have a doctor. How to do that?

Isn’t it the duty of the Ministry of Health to assist all these centre in term of man power and financial support to provide decent services to the unfortunate dialysis patients? If these centre must close down then how soon can government come up with decent centre to take in these patients?

Perhaps Malaysian government should come up with the proper and decent dialysis centre in each General hospital to provide the free or low cost services. If Datuk Sri Liow could not do that where can these patients go? Hopefully this issue will not be an issue in Sarawak state election.

First thing Malaysian government should do is to ‘produce’ another 400+ dialysis specialist to supervise these centres in order to meet the Ministry of Health requirement. But could this be achieved in 1 month as Datuk Sri Liow gives them up to May 1 to comply. Unless centres can share one specialist doctor?

Double Standard On Bible

Malaysian Government Lift Ban On Bible For East Malaysian Only

After reading the news, I do not know what to say to such 10 points solution. If foreigners going to read such news won’t they find it strange to have ‘double standard’ on bible? East and West Malaysia standards? We talk about 1-Malaysia definitely Malaysian government can do better than that by just using the treatment for East Malaysian applying to all Malaysian Christians. Right?

Some considered such 10 points solution given to East Malaysian as State Election gift while others perceived Malaysian government changed of heart suddenly just to avoid the issue affecting state election results.