Loss of One Loyal Voter A Loss of 2 Votes

State election is just 7 days away, candidates are busy soliciting supporting votes while public goes on with own life and occasionally talk about state election at kopitiam with friends over a cup of kopi or a plate of kampua.

Reason People Dont Vote

Some worried about losing loyal voters owing to misunderstanding or internal problem or power struggle. They started estimating how many votes they could secure and how many votes will be ‘going astray’. Final estimation might give them many sleepless nights or nice sleeps but many didn’t realise that a loss of loyal voter to the other political camp is not merely losing a vote. In fact, it is a loss of two votes.

You might wonder how can that be true? It is quite simple. You are losing a vote for yourself and at the same time the other party gain a vote therefore a total of two (2) votes. However, if a loyal voter not happy with you but he or she just decide not to vote then it is a loss of only 1 vote for you and the other party gain no extra vote.

With that in mind therefore, all candidates should make sure loyal voters would continue to vote for you or don’t vote at all.