I Love Malaysia, Malaysia Loves Me Too?

PM and DPM didn’t walk the talk?
I love Malaysia
So many evidences show that Malaysian government is continuously not honoring what they said about scholarship for SPM straight A+ students despite PM at so many occasions ensuring that it is the policy of Malaysian government. With such disheartening thing happening every year what would BN leaders expect voters to do in the next election? To support BN?

Straight A policy

To some it is ok to ask BN component parties to help to right the wrong while others just could not accept the fact that double standard used in awarding scholarship. Why these unfortunate students have to go through so many hurdles to get the scholarship when it has been published in newspaper straight A+ students will get their scholarship?

If it is the over-sight of education officers then the officer should be reprimanded for not doing the assigned job properly bringing shame to both Prime Minister and Malaysian government.

If it is done in purpose and against the interest of public and deserving students; it will be shocking to all Malaysians as well as overseas investors. Hopefully, it is just an over-sight of the officer-in-charge. May be the computer system should take the blame for such ‘over-sight’?

It is an old problem re-surfacing every year making Malaysians wondering whether it is done intentionally?

Someone suggested that BN leaders should redesign the selection system whereby JPA be made “color-blind”. Let all the straight candidates send their applications directly to PM office, both bumi or non-bumi, then these applications will be assigned with numbers so that JPA will not know the applicants’ racial identity.

People believe all the unfair incidents and corruptions are done in the grass-root level of the Government.

This has become an annual issue and it should be overcome to prove that Malaysian government is in fact efficient.