Do we need a clown to entertain us?


Khairy: ‘Chinese stay home’ warning is seditious

Is it seditious? If it is why Malaysian Government not taking any action against Ibrahim Ali? Is it because Ibrahim Ali is above law and/or he is ‘employed’ by UMNO extremists to do all these ‘seditious acts’?

Malaysian Government somehow has to do something to this gentleman Ibrahim Ali to show to local and overseas people that the government is still in control of the situation and not siding Ibrahim Ali.

If the government continues to allow him to make the so called ‘seditious remark’ the government will be perceived as ‘weak and bias’ and kowtowing to racist people and against 1-Malaysia spirit.

Allowing the so called clown to clown around will be bad for foreign investors as they might get the wrong message that Malaysia is going to have trouble and withhold their intention to invest in Malaysia which we cannot afford to have.