Silence Is Golden?

Aluminium plant rains misery on town folk

So it is true that the Aluminium Plant is never a ‘safe’ plant free of pollution problem? China on seeing Sarawak welcoming such plant to be set up here also wants to place their smelter here. Are Sarawakian damn stupid and naive that we don’t know whether Aluminium Plant is safe or not? Sarawakians remain to be ‘Silence is Golden’?

Sale agents said they went to Mukah and nearby town brought their own food and drinks and ate biscuit with mineral water from seal bottle instead of eating in the kopitiam there. Is that how serious is the situation?

What can we do? Should we put a stop to this harmful industry?

One of the friends said “They should also bring alone oxygen tanks and masks as the the pollution is actually worst in the Mukah/Balingian air !” While another asked “What can we do? Do you have power and money or involved in politics? No one will listen to what you said if you are just an ordinary man like me!!”

One person may be weak and small but if more and more people put their view forward and tell them ‘enough is enough’ just may be thing can be done. Don’t forget to use your vote to tell them what you want :D Some people said before, using people’s power? Like in Philippines and now in Europe?

Maybe the following things you can do as an individual:
1) Complain to Public Complaint Bureau –

2) Complain to your local council
3) Write to WHO, hopefully their involvement will make the authority to pay attention to the situation
4) Complain to Australian High Commission in KL

Just do your part and hope for the best. Ask all FB friends to highlight the issue to bring awareness to all may be the first step to take?
If majority of Sarawakian voice against this kind of industry and make it a public issue hopefully it will stop the pollution in Sarawak.

Local council paying attention to plastic bag pollution and impact on environment, campaigning “No Plastic Bag On Saturday”. Isn’t it true that it is time for local council to pay attention to the impact of this kind of industry in Sarawak which is directly threatening the health of our people?

May be a campaign of “No Aluminium Smelter Plant and Paper-pulp industry in Sarawak” is urgently needed?

Good Luck to Sarawakian