Who is right?

All the time we argue just to prove the point that we are right. Because we want to maintain our image of right all the time. However, some good teaching trying to sway away from this traditional way of thinking by asking “What is right?”

When facing the question of “What is right?” we will be leaving our own so called ‘dignity’ behind and get down the earth and face the reality squarely and objectively. When solving problems based on “What is right?” or “What is wrong?” it will be above political party and personal interest and less defensive of our own stand.

However, when adopting such ‘progressive’ method to solve problems. One would be seen as going against own political party’s interest or clan’s interest as you could be exposing the weakness and malpractice of own political party or organization. When one is in that situation you could be genuinely working for ‘justice’ of Rakyat but will soon be victimized by members/comrades.

Some of those adopting ‘What is right” methodology are under pressure and forced to give in to “Who is right” concept back to traditional way of doing things. BUT will the organization have ‘bright’ future when everyone is protecting oneself and all doing the ‘traditionally right thing’ to please the leaders in order to stay inline with the beat of the rest?

School Fair Sponsorship


(25 July 2011) I was approached a day ago to sponsor Methodist Sec School fair by a boy in school uniform. But when I asked for the purpose of sponsorship he was not able to say the purpose. He brought along a club letter (without school letter head and no sponsor card) saying Dutch Lady sponsored them the fair.

A friend commented:
“Could be one of the children of some foreign professional.This method of soliciting for money are very common nowaday.Please check it out.”

But newspaper news revealed there was a fund raising indeed but I wonder whether the boys is authorized to go around asking for cash sponsor. News shows PTA President and School Principal at the fund raising function. BUT no authorized letter with letter head for the ‘poor’ boy? Why?

If our mother school allows such way of fund raising, isn’t it giving chance to crooks to make ‘profit’ from the situation?

Credit Card Games

After closing several credit cards accounts because of government tax, I noticed I have a few Ringgit credit balance in the credit card accounts. Though all these credit card accounts had been closed by me several years ago, I still receive credit card statement owing to a few Ringgit credit balance.

Have written several letters to ask them to send me a cheque for the amount and close it permanently but they didn’t follow instruction. Maybank credit balance of RM1.95 and they had sent me the statement for the past 5 years!

A friend comment shows my case is not an isolated case but quite common:

“Yes, yes, yes, I also have some RM43 with a bank, written so many letters, but no news, except for monthly statement showing credit balance. Tell me when you get yours back, I swear I will storm to the bank for that 43 ringgit!”

One bank said to use interbank transfer to my bank saving account charging me RM2. But when I wrote email to them to give instruction. They asked me to contact the credit card centre. What the hack! I replied telling them to call me instead and if they want to continue sending statement showing credit balance of RM1.95 or RM15 I don’t mind as postage will be more than credit balance anyway and the credit balance is still there! Just imagine how they waste their resource!

It shows how efficient is our credit card and banking system. Talking about merger of bank and finance companies to compete with foreigners; is it really the reason or just to ‘dilute’ the NPL (non performing loan) outstanding of problem banks and finance companies?

By right, credit card company should send a cheque to customers to settle the outstanding credit balance and close the account. Whether after deduction of outstation cheque commission customer might not get much or anything that is another thing.

I wonder how many trees had fallen to made the statement paper?! And postage wasted to send such credit balance statement!

Newspaper ‘Special’ Delivery Treatment

Just call the newspaper office and cancel my newspaper subscription.
The newspaper is ok but the delivery person is ‘terrible’ when come to my house the person just ‘simply threw’ it outside the gate while neighbor newspaper placed at gate. Since I received such ‘special’ treatment I decide not to be ‘honored’ by the ‘special treatment’.

Fortunately I opt monthly subscription now I can cancel and may be that made delivery man unhappy? Actually, I paid more for monthly subscription when compared to annual subscription but the delivery man has to collect subscription fee monthly.

There are so many newspaper to read both printed and online newspaper and TV news, cancellation of the newspaper won’t deprive me of the latest news/development.

A friend commented:
“You should complain to the office before the cancellation. The delivery man puts the newspaper inside our letter box everyday but sometimes half inside, half outside, when it is raining days, then I only read half of the papers! I will call the office and ask them to send another one!”

Actually we have letter box but the delivery man just can’t be bothered. I call the office to cancel subscription and also mentioned the delivery problem. The office lady didn’t apologise for the problem and didn’t ask me to keep the newspaper subscription but accept my cancellation. May be it has been a common thing to her? The office lady was not trained to apologize for the problem caused by the delivery man.

My friend said: “May be they have too much money already!”

AirAsia is no longer user friendly

Airasia not friendly

(On 7th July 2011 evening at about 9:10pm) My wife made a booking for my son Sibu-KL trip and got double booking error. Credit Card company confirmed approval code given and I tried to locate AirAsia telephone to verify with them but found none except premium phone call number 600859999 at RM2 per minute and they would start operation from 7am-7pm only.

So should I made another transaction or wait for tomorrow to book more expensive ticket if booking rejected?

What kind of service it is given us???

My friend commented “All they care is to fill their pockets,all those low fares are just marketing gimmicks.They are never user friendly,not that i know when……………..?????​??.”

(8th July 2011) This morning made the RM2 per min rate call to AirAsia and they let you listen to their advertisement and charge you RM2 (actually RM1.95) per minute before they answer your phone. By the time I finished my talking to them I think it was more than RM10 charges on phone bill!!

I checked their website before calling them and noticed they had removed the link to check your booking. A word of advice, you better registered as an account holder of all the online air ticket booking so that after your login and make your booking you can log in with your id and password to verify your booking.

Should someone write to AirAsia boss to complain about RM2 per min rate charges? Actually quite a lot of KL companies are now NOT providing telekom telephone number, for example DIGI. Trying to look for Sibu DIGI office number you will find none they disconnect it. Looking for one at their website will find just one KL number for all branches!!!

Back to AirAsia matter, I managed to talk to the AirAsia girl on phone she completed the transaction (though credit card approval code already issued) and issued the booking number to me. You know how they do it A … for asia, B .. for Berma, C … for China that eats into my shallow pocket …. LOL

I asked her to send itinerary to my email and again I have to do the same way to her. Y .. for yellow , C …. for China and etc etc. May be the telephone bill will be more than RM20? Who said ‘now everyone can fly?’ It is just too expensive to make a decent booking with airasia. May be someone could forward this Blog link to AirAsia Boss? I wonder whether he would jump seeing this posting?