Cash Deposit Machine Worry Justified?

Security Company in charge CBT Case

Fourteen (14) Criminal Breach of Trust cases against the person-in-charge of a security company indicated very clearly that when banks and finance companies entrusted ATM cash transactions to third parties such CBT cases in a way is inevitably as it is difficult to scrutinize the intake of security personnel of the security companies for the job.

Short of man power owing to long-hour duty and unattractive pay have worsened the situation. Now the question is how to avoid such incidence from happening and are customers interest protected from such cases?

If you look at the date of these 14 cases you will notice it happened in 2009 and some friends asked why only now realized the “BIG” problems. Why banks have no knowledge of the shortage until now? That means the system itself is faulty?

EPF Can Buy UK Properties?

EPF Purchased UK Properties
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EPF Can Purchase UK Properties?
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EPF's UK Investment sound?
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This few days a piece of news caught my eyes.
It was the EPF investment in UK’s properties. But what interested me most is not just the total amount of Ringgits involved but the return of about 5-6% (as reported in the news)

Today’s news (Business News section of STAR) even mentioned that such investment needs ministry approval but the EPF website stated such approval was never given. The writer suggested someone to update the website.

With the “Global Shares Sell-off likely to continue” will it affect EPF’s investment in UK and will return rate grow beyond 5-6% or decrease to less than 5%?

Talking About Staying Alive

Management of company and political parties
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I am not talking about BEE GEES song but how to stay alive in business and politics.
The article is good for checking against one’s company or political party for the similar trend that could have happened and realized the mistakes made and finding the way-out in order to revamp and progress.
This article appeared in Yesterday’s Sin Chew and I post it here just to share the ideas/points.

Butterly Issue

Golden Churn
Golden Churn butter non-halal: Jakim latest!

See You Real Soon?!

Butter War

From the response of the distributor the doubt on the “PIG DNA” was there BUT now this piece of news (Golden Churn butter non-halal: Jakim latest!) trying to clarify that lab test confirmed “PIG DNA” even ‘hinting’ manufacturer in NZ confirming the finding? Assuming the test is accurate on “PIG DNA” next question – how on earth it can enter the butter? Would the Dairy Board of New Zealand take action against the authority if their own test shows no trace of “PIG DNA”?

“This was confirmed by the agent of Ballantyne Food, from New Zealand, which manufactures the product.”? New Zealand is very strict in food production. If the finding is true it will be ‘very bad’ for New Zealand. Would they next ban their beef saying it has “PIG DNA” too?

If imported item needs to “carry out a ritual cleansing process by using clay soil and water, known as ‘samak’, and it has to be witnessed by the Islamic Religious Department in the respective states”. I wonder how many have met or could meet the requirement?

To avoid the next “PIG DNA” issue why not all turn to margarine manufactured locally to prevent outflow of RM as well as to stay healthy?

On the “PIG DNA” issue, the authority should conduct another lab test by independent lab on the Golden Churn Butter and release the lab test report in order to clear all doubt on the finding.

See You Real Soon?!

Golden Churn
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Golden Churn butter issue has brought many unanswered questions.

Why the detail lab results not released to newspaper or the importer/distributor of the Golden Churn butter?

Why Daud refused to meet the distributor from Kuala Lumpur?

Why insist on accuracy of own lab test when there is another lab test which clears the Golden Churn from ‘PIG DNA”? In any normal case a third lab test should be conducted to decide the fate of the Golden Churn butter but so far it is not done. This prompted many to suspect there is more to the argument of “PIG DNA”.

Be Thankful

Be thankful ..

Some smart guy in FB wrote with the following video saying “在马来西亚,我们比任何人已经算是幸福多了,好好珍惜目前所拥有​的吧,朋友。晚安。” (Translated:In Malaysia, we are much fortunate than anyone, friends, treasure what you have. Good Night): dirty water in africa

Since the video is about dirty water, I commented: “In Bintulu and nearby towns and villages, there was report of pollution from Aluminum smelter. In rural places of Sarawak trees could have been fallen for export. Damages done here and there was no water supply too. So? We don’t have to look far, some said.”

Immediately another smart guy said “Be thankful, don be negative in life!!!”

OK, now I know to know something bad is happening is not thankful! To mention it here is worse than not thankful. Ok, I learn something.

I am at the cross-road … To speak negatively on pollution to save Sarawak or to shut-up positively so as to hear no-evil, see no-evil and say no evil? I am still learning … One thing I know some long houses are still waiting for the promised pipe-water.

A FB friend commented: “在马来西亚,我们比任何人已经算是幸福多了,所以我们就​应该容忍贪污滥权,接受山埃稀土,购买价非所值的车子,​付多不胜数的过路费?我们还可以读中文,有机会当官,我​们要感恩?” (Translated: “In Malaysia, we are more fortunate than anyone therefore we should allow corruption and abuse of power and pollution; buying over-valued vehicle, paying various tolls. We still can read Chinese and got a chance to be minister hence we have to be thankful?”).

May be we have to be thankful, we are still alive and kicking and it doesn’t matter whether our future generation can survive in the ever-deteriorating environment?

Telecom Malaysia, our patience is running thin

Snail Speed

A FB friend commented: “Telecom Malaysia, our patience is running thin. You are running the monopoly business in running internet line.”

While another FB friend commented: “U could do what Namewee did to TNB” “You are asking Ray to point his ‘middle’ finger?” I asked him as a joke.

I made so many complaints on the streamyx I gave up hope that they would improve at all! I opt for SDSL paying discounted rate of about RM432 per month for 1.5M both up and down load speed. BUT they gave very very unstable and poor speed. Not worth to pay the RM432 per month!

Another FB friend commented: “True indeed..our local telco n its subsidaries r not up 2 d mark..too complacent n arrogent at times!!” It shows that the dissatisfaction is quite an issue.

One of my friends said when he complained too much they asked him to terminate streamyx if not happy. This is called customer service! Another time when got problem I complained and when the telecom girl knew I have the streamyx shared in a network. She said streamyx cant support network. I told her that was new to me becos I had it connected in network for more than 5 years and working all this while! It shows their technical team members are too green to do the job.

Still remember when your streamyx dead on you and you called for help? They asked you one by one from their checklist, Have you done this and that ? Worse still when there is no streamyx signal and you call 100 for help and they knew it is new streamyx line they said it is still under installer warranty! Installer just activate streamyx not for ensuring streamyx signal connection, it is the job of telekom technical personnel.

The above are ‘quality service’ that we all received from the ‘almighty’ Telekom Malaysia. I know, I know ….. some of you want to shout …. Malaysia Boleh! Ok …. go ahead!

Another FB friend said: “well, d mighty gets mightier…at d expense of d rakyat..wat can we do..many people tried..but…. Talk abt d call centre..after pressing button after button…lastly..u hear d sweet voice “Sorry..all our operators r engaged now!”..pls waitttttttt………..fore​ver.”

For situation like that you can email them and you can use angry ‘word’ in email too ….


Out of Service

Did you ever come across Cash Deposit machines occupied by the same group of people with a stack of RM100 or RM50 (about 6″ high) and taking their sweet time depositing into cash deposit machine? Would you wait for your turn or quit?

As for me, I didn’t waste my time I give up and went home as they occupied all cash deposit machine with so much money it will take a very very long time especially when machines keep on rejecting cash and they keep on trying to deposit them!!

I find it quite silly for bank to treat its customers like this. All cash deposit in cash deposit machine, kind of telling you “I don’t want to see your face; please get lost!’ Now in overseas some country have put back traditional human-touch services. here they treat your account a number.

A friend reckoned: “this group of people are using hundreds and thousands of bumiputera names to apply for new shares – Initial Public Offers (IPO) to make their living. 1 bumiputra name can earn them RM1000 easily when the new shares are listed. that is why you kept seeing them…..”

According to her: “recently, they make a lot by applying to two newly listed companies in Bursa Malaysia such as MSM and Bumi Armada. they can make easily 100k to 500k for every share listing. some of them are more advanced… you dun see them anymore coz some are using internet to do all these transactions… the ones that you see are the group that doesnt know how to use internet banking.”

“they make thier living by applying shares and sell them on the first fay of the listing but they get away from IRD easily … how did they get so many bumi names…. they charter bus to go to long house and bring the natives to open banking accounts.”

“IPOs is a money printing machine… imagine, you dun even hv to work or do business, all you need to do is to get bumiputras to come to open a banking account and you may use thier name to apply for new shares.”

Wow, that is awsome! Never know people can make a living doing that too! I thank her for the information.

ATM Cash Deposit Machine should be an additional option for bank and finance companies customers to convenience them not to push customers away from counter. BUT, they all ask customers to go to the machines instead. They only entertain rich and premium customers at special counter!

I once witnessed a bank tea party at their banking hall, seeing them entertaining rich and important customers while the rest of the customers were transparent to them and not invited to attend the party. If they did it away from office and behind the rest of the customers no one will know BUT they did it during office hours!

Sibu Post Office Back Office And Registered Mail Collection Centre Moved

POS Malaysia

Since 31st July 2011, without any ‘warning’ the whole operation moved to Theng Kung Suk (SEDC Light Industrial area). It was said the location is next to Lanang Bus Repair Hub. From then on, any registered mail or parcel you have to travel all the way to collect. You still collect your letter box and CDT mail in old building.

According to them mails sorting will be done there and transferred sorted mails to old building to dispatch into respective mail box or CDT box. Front Office operation remain in old building and likely Poslaju will be in the same old building (shifted from Sungei Merah)

The logic of asking registered mail/parcels recipients to travel all the way to collect items is questionable in view of the distance. The new location is rented and next question is “Why rent a place so far away from town?”



The cleanliness campaign is an on going thing, to enforce cleanliness as well as to provide ‘education’ for public. Many would expect more than that. Air linkage to outside world like Sibu – Singapore and investment from foreign countries in Sibu and full-fledged university to boost economy and population in Sibu are the things needed in Sibu.

With the good network and relationship with various departments and BN leaders, Sibu people are wondering why it is so difficult for local authority to get thing done. May be all these are not on the agenda of SMC and SRDC? They have smaller ambition than local people? I thought they are supposed to plan for the future of Sibu?

Don’t give locals the excuse of not supporting BN during election therefore …. Mandate given to BN in the past elections to bring changes to Sibu but nothing concrete surfaced, hence locals swayed to opposition after long wait. If local authority to remain short-sighted Sibu will remain the same, isolated from the rest of the world, for another 50 years.

Some argued that open election system for SMC and SRDC could be the answer for pushing development in Sibu as those desired to be councillors and Mayor have to come up with the proper and workable both short and long term plans to get support from locals and subsequently get elected.

However, BN supporters might not like the idea as such system could be ‘disadvantage’ to them and would like to see to it that the appointment system remain. But which is best for Sibu? Sibu People might not have any say in it, right?