Butterly Issue

Golden Churn
Golden Churn butter non-halal: Jakim latest!

See You Real Soon?!

Butter War

From the response of the distributor the doubt on the “PIG DNA” was there BUT now this piece of news (Golden Churn butter non-halal: Jakim latest!) trying to clarify that lab test confirmed “PIG DNA” even ‘hinting’ manufacturer in NZ confirming the finding? Assuming the test is accurate on “PIG DNA” next question – how on earth it can enter the butter? Would the Dairy Board of New Zealand take action against the authority if their own test shows no trace of “PIG DNA”?

“This was confirmed by the agent of Ballantyne Food, from New Zealand, which manufactures the product.”? New Zealand is very strict in food production. If the finding is true it will be ‘very bad’ for New Zealand. Would they next ban their beef saying it has “PIG DNA” too?

If imported item needs to “carry out a ritual cleansing process by using clay soil and water, known as ‘samak’, and it has to be witnessed by the Islamic Religious Department in the respective states”. I wonder how many have met or could meet the requirement?

To avoid the next “PIG DNA” issue why not all turn to margarine manufactured locally to prevent outflow of RM as well as to stay healthy?

On the “PIG DNA” issue, the authority should conduct another lab test by independent lab on the Golden Churn Butter and release the lab test report in order to clear all doubt on the finding.