Cash Deposit Machine Worry Justified?

Security Company in charge CBT Case

Fourteen (14) Criminal Breach of Trust cases against the person-in-charge of a security company indicated very clearly that when banks and finance companies entrusted ATM cash transactions to third parties such CBT cases in a way is inevitably as it is difficult to scrutinize the intake of security personnel of the security companies for the job.

Short of man power owing to long-hour duty and unattractive pay have worsened the situation. Now the question is how to avoid such incidence from happening and are customers interest protected from such cases?

If you look at the date of these 14 cases you will notice it happened in 2009 and some friends asked why only now realized the “BIG” problems. Why banks have no knowledge of the shortage until now? That means the system itself is faulty?

EPF Can Buy UK Properties?

EPF Purchased UK Properties
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EPF Can Purchase UK Properties?
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EPF's UK Investment sound?
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This few days a piece of news caught my eyes.
It was the EPF investment in UK’s properties. But what interested me most is not just the total amount of Ringgits involved but the return of about 5-6% (as reported in the news)

Today’s news (Business News section of STAR) even mentioned that such investment needs ministry approval but the EPF website stated such approval was never given. The writer suggested someone to update the website.

With the “Global Shares Sell-off likely to continue” will it affect EPF’s investment in UK and will return rate grow beyond 5-6% or decrease to less than 5%?