Food For Health?

Ice Cream - potential risk?

After two scoop of ice cream from neighboring shop I was down with diarrhea. After taking LOMODIUM Capsule (Loperamide HCI 2mg) and later two charcoal capsules I am now back on my feet.

I suspect it is the ice cream scoop that dipped in water was the culprit. May be the water was never changed and the container and the scoop are seldom have a good wash?

if you are eating outside you will notice that the rice bowl that scoop rice and put on plate is always in water and they just fish it out from water and scoop rice for you. Is that ok?

Isn’t it the job of Health Department to check on the operation of food outlet to ensure sound and clean food provided instead of bacteria-infected food?

Overseas health department early morning going around food centre to collect samples to determine the cleanliness of food as well as utensil and etc. Can we expect the same thing here in Malaysia?