It is time to be serious and take action!?

Pay Up Or Be Axed (The Star News)


At least someone has voiced up against such irregularities however what proposed seems to be lenient especially when mentioned ‘to pay a portion of lost revenue’ which is not well defined as a portion could be 1% or 50% of lost revenue which posed no deterrence to the person involved in the irregularities. When face with such irregularities what the head of department should do : 1) Lodge polis report and 2) Report to MACC and let them investigate.

Some friends said the Minister of the Department should take the lead to take pro-active action by lodging both police report and MACC report to clear one’s name and to distance oneself from such irregularities. The continuous discovery of irregularities in government department management has dented our nation image internationally causing undesirable doubt on our government management ability.

Need broad band service?
Where to upload pictures?
Where to check email?
Where to print my documents?
Where to log in facebook?
Where to do google talk, yahoo messenger or windows live?

Visit the One-Stop Service Centre :


TEL: 084-347087

Phishing In Action


The following is a good example of phishing email:

Dear Customer,

We detected irregular activity on your CIMB Bank account on 16/03/2011. For your protection,you must update your details before you can continue using your online banking. Please visit the CIMB Bank website in this message and validate your details on our new server.

As a result, we require you to confirm and verify your account information by Clicking Here and completing the confirmation process.

You are to bear with us online for 2 minutes as we will be sending you TAC which you will enter on the TAC page.

P.S. The Link in this message will expire within 24 hours.

Thank you,
CIMB Clicks

The link Clicking Here will direct you to :

Isn’t it clear this phishing email is send from conman and it has nothing to do with CIMB ?

Public Multi Servicing …. ?

POS Malaysia

I went to Post Office this afternoon to pay my CDT box annual rental fee. I noticed A B and C buttons at the number generating machine at the Sibu Post Office. A for JPJ matters and B for ANS unit trust while C for multi service counter.

However, there are one counter each available for public and Multi Service counter number had reached 3377 while JPJ reached 1662 and ANS reached 2112 at 2:20pm.

JPJ counter seemed to be efficient as the crowd flow is fast. Both ANS and multi service counters are at slower pace. Since most of us are doing payment I wonder why only one counter for multi service purposes? Isn’t it better to have 2 counters for multi service matters? I asked the counter girl why only one counter and she said there were two counters but the other staff was not around. Was the person went for lunch, tea break or something else …? More important than attending to his/her customers?

Dream Shattered?!

Insurance cheaters

I received the following letter from Malaysian Assurance Alliance Berhad telling me the insurance company was acquired by Zurich Insurance Company Limited of Switzerland and at the same time saying they are unable to maintain the current level of bonus rates, including maturity and terminal bonus rates. Please refer to the letter below.

(Please Click on the above document to read in full size)

The insurance policy is for my son’s future education investment and based on the insurance policy he will get quite a large sum of money at certain age or upon maturity.

However such change of bonus rates, including maturity and terminal bonus rates, to me, is not ethical and malpractice subject policy holders to unfair deals. Once insurance policy take effect, the Malaysian Government should see to it that insurance companies should adhere to the term or conditions stated so that insurance policy holders interest will be protected at all time.

I cancelled my own insurance policy with the same company many years ago because they extended the maturity year of my policy from 14 years to ‘as and when needed/extended’. To me Malaysian Insured are at the mercy of insurance companies and Malaysian Government should monitor them closely to ensure their investment is prudent; if not who could trust the insurance companies for protection?

In short, are they going to honour the insurance policies inssued by them?

We are still waiting ……. ?

Prime Minister acknowledges Sarawak’s crucial role in parliamentary election

Flight Cancellation

If it is so perhaps our PM should see to it that MAS and Fireflyz don’t simply cancel flights and routes to and from Sarawak and Sabah.

Sarawakian opined that despite so many talk of acknowledgement of Sarawak contribution to the nation there are ‘little’ has been done to improve the infra structure as well as inflow of development fund to enhance Sarawak status in order to to create opportunities for both business and industrial sectors and at the same time to reduce or prevent outflow of young population.

It is likely that MAS and Fireflyz policies of cutting non-profitable routes in Sarawak and Sabah will become an issue in the coming 13th General Election which could be at the disadvantage of Barisan Nasional.

Where is the enforcement unit?

Lab test shows bacteria in 1M’sia milk

Enforcement Unit

I think it is not just 1-Malaysia Shop. The authority should come up with a system to monitor food items sold in Malaysia to protect the safety and health of public. It is not that Malaysia has no proper laws and regulations to protect its people but lack of monitoring system and law-enforcement unit to ensure that no one would break the laws or do something stupid against the regulations.

It has been proven beyond doubt that laws and regulations will not automatically make manufacturers nor food operators to be health conscience and put public health as utmost priority. It is just like traffic rules will not produce responsible drivers if there is no traffic officers to ensure drivers obey traffic rules.

Going for professional management of councils

Part time

‘Yes’ to non-politicians as councillors

Ngieng supports proposal for councillors from professional groups

If we are going for professional management of the council, we need full time ‘employee’ and not part time Councillors who are at the same time working in some corporate companies. Will there be any conflict of interest if such corporate companies are supplier of material to Councils or contractors of councils?

If we are going to allow such situation to continue, it will defeat the purpose of open tender when the tenderer has someone in the councils to provide ‘favorable’ information to them.

More secured Facebook log in?


I read in one computer magazine saying it is more secured to use to login but after logging in using it went back to (the normal facebook site instead or more secured
May be there is a way ….?

Funny! When I click on the above secured link of face book it has become secured site!! Wow! That means it is better for you to use to login.