A Point Of No Return

Najib Expressed Concern Over SUPP Split

The dust had settled and it is now crystal clear that the split in SUPP is permanent and the chance of reconciliation is very slim (or zero) despite that fact that olive branch has been extended to Datuk Wong Soon Koh and his team.

Datuk Wong Soon Koh and his team had complained about ‘irregularities’ at various branches elections to Kuching Head office and some branches even lodged police report and made complaint reports to ROS. However, SUPP Head Office in Kuching didn’t see any need to do anything to the complaint as they perceived Head Office (or individual leader’s decision?) instruction to the branches concerned as valid and justified.

However, Party Leader Datuk George Chan at later stage did mention that SUPP never had any election before so some ‘hiccup’ in this 22nd part election as expected. However, party members as well as public regard such ‘hiccup’ statement as lame excuses or SUPP leaders never fully understand their party constitution therefore could not act accordingly to constitution and fairly.

Some public even questioned the so called comradeship and se-hati slogan especially when they read about how they dictate how each branch should run the branch election according to individual Central Committee leader’s view point instead of back to Central Committee group/collective decision.

All these led to dissatisfaction of the receiving end, Datuk Wong Soon Koh’s team, inevitably forcing them to boycott the TDC making the split in SUPP permanently. After the 22nd SUPP election, elected SUPP leaders trying to show their friendly gesture by allocating 7 seats for them and asking them to be part of the new team. But such friendly gesture came too late and Datuk Wong SK has declined to accept such arrangement and distant his team from the TDC and the newly elected team. If such friendly gesture is genuine it should come before the TDC to work out a win-win solution, especially when Datuk Wong Soon Koh had openly stated that he wanted to talk to Peter Chin, but it never happen before TDC.

There is a speculation that a new political party is formed to accommodate all party-less YBs. Will Datuk Wong Soon Koh and his team join the new political party if it is duly registered and approved? This is a million dollar question.

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