Competition Act Creates Chaos?

Free For All?

Kopitiam Outlet

During a morning kopi-o drink with my friends in a kopitiam, some of my friends said the argument of Competition Act creating chaos could not hold any water. They reasoned even before Competition Act comes into law, Sibu Coffeeshop and Restaurant Owners Association has no control over its members charging public higher prices than recommended by Sibu Coffeeshop and Restaurant Owners Association during or after Chinese New Year.

Any kopitiams or outlets deciding to charge more will risk losing its customers as once ‘cheated’ by sudden increase in price public will move to other outlets. The only thing council or ministry of domestic trade & co-operative and consumerism should enforce is to make sure all prices of drinks and food listed on each table so that public will know prices before ordering. If too expensive public can decide to stay or move to other outlets.

Will the authority proceed to declare food and drinks sold in kopitiams and food outlet as “controlled item” if prices of food and drinks ‘out of control’ as claimed in the news? One friend jokingly suggested the authority should set the profit margin of all food and drinks prepared and sold in kopitiams and food outlets to 10-20% maximum. That will create a win-win situation perhaps?