New Sibu In The making?

Sibu development

Sibu is having more shophouses and shopping malls
Is that good when the population remain the same or reducing?
I wonder how come people still got the resources to build and buy such properties?

Friends said it could be one form of ‘money laundry’ but I could not agree with that as most development are done by reputed companies.

Some said the rental so low and cost of properties so high and monthly repayment to bank so high, return from rental not enough to pay bank installment.

One thing for sure, it gives the ‘feeling’ that Sibu is developing and progressing despite the security problems (killing and murdering cases).

One thing most people would like to see is ‘sufficient parking space’ accompanying the development. Many hope that SMC will not compromise the requirement of sufficient parking space allocation in the development plan with monetary penalty on the developers as it will bring more parking blue to Sibu people.

Drainage system is definitely an eye sore in Sibu. The Unggus Housing Garden next to Star Mega Mall is unacceptable by whatever standard with no drainage outlet and all discharge is to the vacant land next to the housing garden. Despite residents paying quit land and assessment fee to the authority most drainage in the region is in appalling state.

Metal Collection in the region is another eye-sore that needs relocation to prevent any untoward accident from happening owing to its location at the road junction.