Why Opposing Youth Wing Registration?



Last few days I was surprised to read certain association leaders openly objecting their respective youth body to register with relevant authority for activity fund saying this would cause disunity among association members and in the process dissociated youth wing from the parent body especially when youth wing is registered as recognised body and is financially independent.

However, it seems that none of them would care to find out the details. In fact, when Larry Sng suggested all youth wing organisation to register with the aurhority for activity fund what he meant was to register with Registrar of Youth and not with Register of Society. Therefore, there is no question of dissociating Youth Wing from parent body nor disunity among members.

May be there is worry of losing youth wing dependency on parent body owing to financial independence which prompted certain leaders to criticize Larry Sng for making such suggestion?


Credit Card Fraud

Sunday (4th March 2012), I went online to purchase ticket from Cebu Pacific Airline. I used UOB credit card to finalise transaction and UOB sms code to complete transaction but Cebu Pacific Airline rejected the transaction twice for unknown reason.

Today, I call UOB to inquire about the transactions and the lady said UOB approved the transaction but Cebu Pacific Airline rejected the transaction and she said the airline could claim the transaction within 7 days. I asked her if UOB could put a permanent stop to these transaction since airline had rejected the transactions; her answer was NO. Then I asked if I forward the print-out of rejection message of the two transactions, will they do it. She said NO. She said I have to wait until they do charge to my account then I could instruct UOB to deal with it. Isn’t it silly?

I wonder why credit card holders have to go through this kind of risk when such risk can be stopped before anything has happened?

I told UOB lady I might complain to Bank Negara if later such fraud/mistake do happen later and I asked for her name and I wrote down her name, today’s date and time that I made the call.

Miri Disel Spill Disaster And Suggestion

Miri Disel Spill Disaster

Miri Disel Spill Disaster

Such “accident” has caused much “hardship” to mirians and new planning should be on to see to it that no such repeat in the future.
1) All these disel or oil piping should be away from river or water source and these piping should be checked on regular basis to prevent leakage (by council, Miri water Board as well as the company concern.)

2) New water intake for water board should be identified and connected so that Miri will not depend on one source for water.

3) the company that causes such disaster should be penalised so that they will be more careful in the future and the company have to bear all cost of cleaning up.