Malaysian Is Going For Quality Sex Life?

Club to coach wives to be ‘whores in bed’

In the past few days, it was reported in newspaper about setting up a club to help ‘wives to be obedient’ to provide ‘quality sex’ at home. The above news is today’s latest news.

Quality Sex?

Malaysian may be immature and not progressive politically but we are surely mature and progressive sexually. But how much money will be channeled to this kind of club to help all races to have better sex at home instead of at prostitutes den ?

Look like someone is trying to put the blame of husband’s going astray squarely on the ‘disobedient wives’. Women really have to be so submissive to provide better sex for husband to have peace and tranquility at home? Does it sound like ‘prostitution’ at home if it is just one-way treatment from wives with no respect from husband on the position of wives in the family?

With the price hike of so many essential goods, would the couple still have the ‘mood’ of having quality sex? Whatever sex urge might likely be killed by pressure of price hike and the couple might end up quarreling over ‘insufficient cash’ to meet monthly expenses. Unless the couple is not so much burdened by daily problems what suggested by the club might not be feasible.

What if female are going out to fool around with other men, would they suggest the same thing to husband? Or female will be stoned to death for ‘betrayal’? Should the same idea and concept applied to both sex? If not, why not?

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