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Did you ever come across Cash Deposit machines occupied by the same group of people with a stack of RM100 or RM50 (about 6″ high) and taking their sweet time depositing into cash deposit machine? Would you wait for your turn or quit?

As for me, I didn’t waste my time I give up and went home as they occupied all cash deposit machine with so much money it will take a very very long time especially when machines keep on rejecting cash and they keep on trying to deposit them!!

I find it quite silly for bank to treat its customers like this. All cash deposit in cash deposit machine, kind of telling you “I don’t want to see your face; please get lost!’ Now in overseas some country have put back traditional human-touch services. here they treat your account a number.

A friend reckoned: “this group of people are using hundreds and thousands of bumiputera names to apply for new shares – Initial Public Offers (IPO) to make their living. 1 bumiputra name can earn them RM1000 easily when the new shares are listed. that is why you kept seeing them…..”

According to her: “recently, they make a lot by applying to two newly listed companies in Bursa Malaysia such as MSM and Bumi Armada. they can make easily 100k to 500k for every share listing. some of them are more advanced… you dun see them anymore coz some are using internet to do all these transactions… the ones that you see are the group that doesnt know how to use internet banking.”

“they make thier living by applying shares and sell them on the first fay of the listing but they get away from IRD easily … how did they get so many bumi names…. they charter bus to go to long house and bring the natives to open banking accounts.”

“IPOs is a money printing machine… imagine, you dun even hv to work or do business, all you need to do is to get bumiputras to come to open a banking account and you may use thier name to apply for new shares.”

Wow, that is awsome! Never know people can make a living doing that too! I thank her for the information.

ATM Cash Deposit Machine should be an additional option for bank and finance companies customers to convenience them not to push customers away from counter. BUT, they all ask customers to go to the machines instead. They only entertain rich and premium customers at special counter!

I once witnessed a bank tea party at their banking hall, seeing them entertaining rich and important customers while the rest of the customers were transparent to them and not invited to attend the party. If they did it away from office and behind the rest of the customers no one will know BUT they did it during office hours!

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