Telecom Malaysia, our patience is running thin

Snail Speed

A FB friend commented: “Telecom Malaysia, our patience is running thin. You are running the monopoly business in running internet line.”

While another FB friend commented: “U could do what Namewee did to TNB” “You are asking Ray to point his ‘middle’ finger?” I asked him as a joke.

I made so many complaints on the streamyx I gave up hope that they would improve at all! I opt for SDSL paying discounted rate of about RM432 per month for 1.5M both up and down load speed. BUT they gave very very unstable and poor speed. Not worth to pay the RM432 per month!

Another FB friend commented: “True indeed..our local telco n its subsidaries r not up 2 d mark..too complacent n arrogent at times!!” It shows that the dissatisfaction is quite an issue.

One of my friends said when he complained too much they asked him to terminate streamyx if not happy. This is called customer service! Another time when got problem I complained and when the telecom girl knew I have the streamyx shared in a network. She said streamyx cant support network. I told her that was new to me becos I had it connected in network for more than 5 years and working all this while! It shows their technical team members are too green to do the job.

Still remember when your streamyx dead on you and you called for help? They asked you one by one from their checklist, Have you done this and that ? Worse still when there is no streamyx signal and you call 100 for help and they knew it is new streamyx line they said it is still under installer warranty! Installer just activate streamyx not for ensuring streamyx signal connection, it is the job of telekom technical personnel.

The above are ‘quality service’ that we all received from the ‘almighty’ Telekom Malaysia. I know, I know ….. some of you want to shout …. Malaysia Boleh! Ok …. go ahead!

Another FB friend said: “well, d mighty gets mightier…at d expense of d rakyat..wat can we do..many people tried..but…. Talk abt d call centre..after pressing button after button…lastly..u hear d sweet voice “Sorry..all our operators r engaged now!”..pls waitttttttt………..fore​ver.”

For situation like that you can email them and you can use angry ‘word’ in email too ….

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