Be Thankful

Be thankful ..

Some smart guy in FB wrote with the following video saying “在马来西亚,我们比任何人已经算是幸福多了,好好珍惜目前所拥有​的吧,朋友。晚安。” (Translated:In Malaysia, we are much fortunate than anyone, friends, treasure what you have. Good Night): dirty water in africa

Since the video is about dirty water, I commented: “In Bintulu and nearby towns and villages, there was report of pollution from Aluminum smelter. In rural places of Sarawak trees could have been fallen for export. Damages done here and there was no water supply too. So? We don’t have to look far, some said.”

Immediately another smart guy said “Be thankful, don be negative in life!!!”

OK, now I know to know something bad is happening is not thankful! To mention it here is worse than not thankful. Ok, I learn something.

I am at the cross-road … To speak negatively on pollution to save Sarawak or to shut-up positively so as to hear no-evil, see no-evil and say no evil? I am still learning … One thing I know some long houses are still waiting for the promised pipe-water.

A FB friend commented: “在马来西亚,我们比任何人已经算是幸福多了,所以我们就​应该容忍贪污滥权,接受山埃稀土,购买价非所值的车子,​付多不胜数的过路费?我们还可以读中文,有机会当官,我​们要感恩?” (Translated: “In Malaysia, we are more fortunate than anyone therefore we should allow corruption and abuse of power and pollution; buying over-valued vehicle, paying various tolls. We still can read Chinese and got a chance to be minister hence we have to be thankful?”).

May be we have to be thankful, we are still alive and kicking and it doesn’t matter whether our future generation can survive in the ever-deteriorating environment?

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