School Fair Sponsorship


(25 July 2011) I was approached a day ago to sponsor Methodist Sec School fair by a boy in school uniform. But when I asked for the purpose of sponsorship he was not able to say the purpose. He brought along a club letter (without school letter head and no sponsor card) saying Dutch Lady sponsored them the fair.

A friend commented:
“Could be one of the children of some foreign professional.This method of soliciting for money are very common nowaday.Please check it out.”

But newspaper news revealed there was a fund raising indeed but I wonder whether the boys is authorized to go around asking for cash sponsor. News shows PTA President and School Principal at the fund raising function. BUT no authorized letter with letter head for the ‘poor’ boy? Why?

If our mother school allows such way of fund raising, isn’t it giving chance to crooks to make ‘profit’ from the situation?

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