The cleanliness campaign is an on going thing, to enforce cleanliness as well as to provide ‘education’ for public. Many would expect more than that. Air linkage to outside world like Sibu – Singapore and investment from foreign countries in Sibu and full-fledged university to boost economy and population in Sibu are the things needed in Sibu.

With the good network and relationship with various departments and BN leaders, Sibu people are wondering why it is so difficult for local authority to get thing done. May be all these are not on the agenda of SMC and SRDC? They have smaller ambition than local people? I thought they are supposed to plan for the future of Sibu?

Don’t give locals the excuse of not supporting BN during election therefore …. Mandate given to BN in the past elections to bring changes to Sibu but nothing concrete surfaced, hence locals swayed to opposition after long wait. If local authority to remain short-sighted Sibu will remain the same, isolated from the rest of the world, for another 50 years.

Some argued that open election system for SMC and SRDC could be the answer for pushing development in Sibu as those desired to be councillors and Mayor have to come up with the proper and workable both short and long term plans to get support from locals and subsequently get elected.

However, BN supporters might not like the idea as such system could be ‘disadvantage’ to them and would like to see to it that the appointment system remain. But which is best for Sibu? Sibu People might not have any say in it, right?

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