AirAsia is no longer user friendly

Airasia not friendly

(On 7th July 2011 evening at about 9:10pm) My wife made a booking for my son Sibu-KL trip and got double booking error. Credit Card company confirmed approval code given and I tried to locate AirAsia telephone to verify with them but found none except premium phone call number 600859999 at RM2 per minute and they would start operation from 7am-7pm only.

So should I made another transaction or wait for tomorrow to book more expensive ticket if booking rejected?

What kind of service it is given us???

My friend commented “All they care is to fill their pockets,all those low fares are just marketing gimmicks.They are never user friendly,not that i know when……………..?????​??.”

(8th July 2011) This morning made the RM2 per min rate call to AirAsia and they let you listen to their advertisement and charge you RM2 (actually RM1.95) per minute before they answer your phone. By the time I finished my talking to them I think it was more than RM10 charges on phone bill!!

I checked their website before calling them and noticed they had removed the link to check your booking. A word of advice, you better registered as an account holder of all the online air ticket booking so that after your login and make your booking you can log in with your id and password to verify your booking.

Should someone write to AirAsia boss to complain about RM2 per min rate charges? Actually quite a lot of KL companies are now NOT providing telekom telephone number, for example DIGI. Trying to look for Sibu DIGI office number you will find none they disconnect it. Looking for one at their website will find just one KL number for all branches!!!

Back to AirAsia matter, I managed to talk to the AirAsia girl on phone she completed the transaction (though credit card approval code already issued) and issued the booking number to me. You know how they do it A … for asia, B .. for Berma, C … for China that eats into my shallow pocket …. LOL

I asked her to send itinerary to my email and again I have to do the same way to her. Y .. for yellow , C …. for China and etc etc. May be the telephone bill will be more than RM20? Who said ‘now everyone can fly?’ It is just too expensive to make a decent booking with airasia. May be someone could forward this Blog link to AirAsia Boss? I wonder whether he would jump seeing this posting?

One thought on “AirAsia is no longer user friendly

  1. 100% agree. Airasia not longer the cheapers airline. They use many way to add our fees. Everything charge. If you don’t read carefully, The next thing you notice the offer airticket from RM50.00 become RM200.00 or even more.
    I done a double booking with Tiger Air. Just one phone call less that 3 minuts settle. Our conversation was so simple. The customer service ask: Please give me both booking number to confirm double booking. I give. She check and reply: Ok sir, you money will be refund to you credit card. So simple and fast. No charges on the number.

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