We are still waiting ……. ?

Prime Minister acknowledges Sarawak’s crucial role in parliamentary election

Flight Cancellation

If it is so perhaps our PM should see to it that MAS and Fireflyz don’t simply cancel flights and routes to and from Sarawak and Sabah.

Sarawakian opined that despite so many talk of acknowledgement of Sarawak contribution to the nation there are ‘little’ has been done to improve the infra structure as well as inflow of development fund to enhance Sarawak status in order to to create opportunities for both business and industrial sectors and at the same time to reduce or prevent outflow of young population.

It is likely that MAS and Fireflyz policies of cutting non-profitable routes in Sarawak and Sabah will become an issue in the coming 13th General Election which could be at the disadvantage of Barisan Nasional.

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