Public Multi Servicing …. ?

POS Malaysia

I went to Post Office this afternoon to pay my CDT box annual rental fee. I noticed A B and C buttons at the number generating machine at the Sibu Post Office. A for JPJ matters and B for ANS unit trust while C for multi service counter.

However, there are one counter each available for public and Multi Service counter number had reached 3377 while JPJ reached 1662 and ANS reached 2112 at 2:20pm.

JPJ counter seemed to be efficient as the crowd flow is fast. Both ANS and multi service counters are at slower pace. Since most of us are doing payment I wonder why only one counter for multi service purposes? Isn’t it better to have 2 counters for multi service matters? I asked the counter girl why only one counter and she said there were two counters but the other staff was not around. Was the person went for lunch, tea break or something else …? More important than attending to his/her customers?

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