RM1.8m is well spent and it is at bargain price?

RM1.8m for tourism drive, not just Facebook page

RM1.8 M well-spent according to the ministry.
However, the break down of the job contracted indicated own server may be needed. If there is no own server, I don’t think facebook owner would allow addon or modification to their facebook.

Breakdown of features:
1. Technical:
Dedicated hardware deployment [server or something else? Done?]
Software licencing [server software or ??]
Front end applications [own website or facebook template?]
Application server engine [yes, it is about server and what kind of engine is that?]

2. Development of six campaigns which require:
Flash games engine
Flash programming and coding
Creative development and design
Campaigns ideas and concept
Front-end Flash design
Testing and debugging
[All above on facebook or own server? Likely on own server]

3. Campaign promotions
Digital advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook
Contest, page wall and tourism fanpage content management
Collection and management of database
[There is no breakdown on cost of each items and details on items not available too]
So all these cost RM1.8M? Anyone can do it at cheaper price? LOL

Assuming that this project is now open for tender, would those with IT knowledge or are in this line of business submit your proposal here for vetting purpose?

The important questions to ask are:
How much of the above job done so far and how much of this RM1.8M paid? Is it paid according to work done or payment before work completion?

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