Facebook setup and others for RM1.8 Million?

RM1.8mil … for a Facebook page?

Malaysian government is so easy to part with a few million Ringgits without any doubt on delivery of goods and services?

Corruption & Reform?

Who is approving such project and why there is no working committee on the project to look into the feasibility, effectiveness and costing of such project?

May be that is how smart people could always get a big return using free tools and services by putting in nice paper to get the head nodding of the ministry in charge while people with know-how are side-lined?

By right by going through the proposal one should be able to figure out whether one has been short-changed in the deal. But if one has no knowledge of the free tools and services and at the same time has no wish to learn about the tools and services inevitably it will be a case of ‘not knowing the details and effectiveness’.

If one is responsible in one’s undertaking, the person in the right mind will seek advice and assistance from friends and colleague and second opinion from another company, which can be obtained freely without any commitment, before rushing to close the deal.

Malaysian government should come up with a proper guideline and procedure on processing and approving such project in the future to avoid similar problem and question raised by opposition as well as Barisan Nasional component parties members to avoid any allegation of wasting good money (a few Million Ringgits) on free tools and services.

Open tender is a must in awarding any project be it small or huge project to avoid such award being under the spotlight of corruption-scandal.

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