Sales Gimmick

Recent close down for renovation sales of one public listed company gave 70% discount on certain products. However, some shoppers learned that 70% discounted product can only give 30% of normal life span of the product.

That means normal product might last you 1 year the 70% discounted can only last you 3 months or less. You might wonder why? Reason 1: The product is defective or rejected by outlet owing to failing to meeting the quality standard so disposed them at 70% discounted price. Reason 2: It is an old stock and the product might get deteriorated by natural process so have to get rid of it by giving discounted price before the factory or outlet have a total loss owing to deterioration

My advice is go for branded product and not those unknown products. Beware of those ‘imitation’ products that looks like or sound like the branded products. Buy them at reputable outlet to have better chance of getting genuine products.

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