Industrial gas or cigarette smoke which is the worse?

welding torch

If smoking in air conditioned room is bad what about welding and grinding metals in air conditioned space? When I raised such matter up to the person -in – charge he said it is ok just for a while only. If same logic applied, smoking in air conditioned space ok if ‘for-a-while’ only? Witness so many cases of welding and grind metals inside shopping mall. I presume it is better than smoking within air conditioned room as no action has been taken so far and people take it lightly?

Just imagine the shop assistants, workers, tenants and shoppers have to breath all these industrial gas (chemical solvent, industrial gum, welding and grinding smell) in shopping mall. Councils should give instruction to mall owners to ensure no such thing is allowed in the air conditioned space. All these should be done outside the air conditioned space.

If such thing is allowed may be mall owner can rent their space for welding shop within the air conditioned space?

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