How to prevent next brutal killing from happening?

Murder case solved?

Police believe quadruple murder solved

After intensive investigation by polis force, at last the criminal identified. But some would say if the terrace houses in the region has proper walls built (inside the ceiling) to prevent illegal entry from neighboring terraced or semi detached house units via ceiling such brutal killing and similar tragedies can be avoided.

To prevent similar thing from happening, please make it a law that all semi detached and terraced houses must have full brick or concrete walls inside the ceiling to prevent spread of fire as well as case like this – murder from repeating!

If I am not wrong in Johor Bahru it is a must that adjacents walls with neighboring units must reach the roof to prevent fire from spreading as well as illegal entry through the opening in the space between roof and ceiling.

It is not difficult to move from one house to another if there is no walls between roof and ceiling. You just use a ladder to climb into your ceiling and from there you walk on the wooden frame into all the houses next to yours. Just imagine if a criminal can access it what will happen next? If you are having terrace or semi detach house make sure there is no such ‘loophole’.

Councillors in Sarawak should learn something from this brutal murder case especially when come to issuing CFO (Certificate Of Fitness For Occupation). Please make sure the adjacent walls that separate terrace houses or semi detached houses are built right to the roof top. If a law need to be passed in State Cabinet please do it. A new concrete house will give house buyer ‘false sense’ of security when in actual fact the houses they bought could be ‘defective’.

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