What I don’t like about AirAsia website?

AirAsia Website Problem

AirAsia blindsided by fares issue

I find the following two items the worse problems online booking customers would face:
1) Insurance fee included first and you have to ‘cancel’ it to exclude it in the price.
2) Seat selection fee of RM30 (for HOT seat and RM 6 for normal seat allocation) included instead of having default selection of free system allocation of seat.

If you are in a hurry, you are forced to get confused and mistakenly allowing these two items to be included in the price. May be it is the intention of the website?

Why using the ‘cancel’ instead of straight forward something like this:
You need to buy traveling insurance? [Yes] [No]
Let people decide for themselves please, don’t intentionally force them to have insurance though it could mean coverage for any untoward incident.

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