Waiting For Hand-out?

1Malaysia People Assistance

Some regarded the “1Malaysia People Assistance (BRM1)” as hand-out while others alleged such assistance nothing but political candy.

Such assistance may be useful/helpful for those in financial difficulty but even in such case it will be ‘bad’ for the nation if wrong ‘habit’ has been inculcated in the process. Such generous act under BRM1 if becoming yearly or monthly event it will deplete our nation resource.

Most of us remember the Chinese fable of a farmer coming across a rabbit running into a tree and felt unconscious and became dinner for the farmer. From the following day onwards the farmer decided to wait by the tree for the same thing to happen as farming was definitely a tough job. He waited for months and yet no more rabbit would run into the same tree for him to have a easy harvest of rabbit. Hopefully, our people won’t treat “1Malaysia People Assistance (BRM1)” as the rabbit that would continue to provide ‘easy harvest’ without any effort on our own.

I believe most of us had often heard comments by our leaders saying “It is better teaching the needy how to fish instead of giving them fishes”. But are we doing the right thing by giving out “1Malaysia People Assistance (BRM1)” and the long queue at the “dispatch/distribution” counter has either confirmed a large number of our people are having financial difficulties or we are encouraging easy life by giving handout and at the same time inculcating wrong attitude?

Isn’t it better for Malaysian Government to adopt pro-active strategy to help Malaysian irrespective of race out of poverty and hardship? Some even suggested that if corruption could be stopped at all level Malaysian would not have to depend on “1Malaysia People Assistance (BRM1)”. But what should be the best solution for our problem?

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