Mini Film Festival For Sibu

Mini Film Festival

SMC has decided that Sibu Cultural Festival to be held in July 2012 after one year break.

However, I would like to see something different this time, may be a mini film festival? Inviting Taiwan, HK, China and even Europe film directors (less well known directors or producers) to show-case their production with some cash price for the winners? May be a category for Malaysians making use of Sibu scenery to producing a short film for competition too.

We have to bring in foreigners to our activities instead of earning each other pocket money, right?

Film shows at Sibu Town Square in the evening for 2-3 weeks will definitely attract more people to Sibu, Sarawak. May be a permanent Grand theater should be built on top of river in Sibu Town Square Phase II for present and future activities in Sibu Town Square.
In my opinion, fanfare type of activities is boring and less attractive. It is time to bring in foreigners to Sibu instead of having activities just for the locals.

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