How Would Telekom Malaysia Service Me?


My office was using SDSL (Download 1.5 M and upload 1.5M)under 2-year special rate of RM432 contract. On seeing the expiry date drawing nearer each day I decided to opt for Office in a box option (4M download and 512 kps upload). Coincidentally, Telekom Malaysia conducting seminar at Hotel Kingwood and I was invited to attend the seminar.

During the seminar I informed one of the lady officer SDSL service was unstable and speed was no difference from normal ADSL. At the same time I indicated my interest in getting Office in a box (4M download) option.

Two days after the seminar, 3 Telekom Malaysia representative came to see me trying to solve my SDSL unstable problem. They suggested to me to opt for leased line which would cost me more than RM2,000 a month. I told them to their face based on the volume of business and their quality of service it won’t be cost effective to go for leased line and I had no confidence in their ‘best available features’. Again I confirmed with them of the sign up of the Office in a box (4M). But after that meeting in my office none of them turn up and no effort to officially sign me up for the package in next 2 weeks time!

Two weeks later I received the SDSL statement telling me now to pay RM616 instead of RM432 after 2 years promotion contract. I dialed 100 to complain about the new rate and they advised me to apply a new SDSL account for promotion rate of RM432 and cancel the existing one. I told the officer that I told their office that I would like to sign up for Office in a box but nothing was done. They promised to investigate and it turned up to be the lady supposed to sign me up was on leave. I called up my friend in Kuching and signed up with the agent there and Office in a box internet was tested and installed in mere 2 days. The performance so far not much difference from my previous SDSL 1.5M (Download and Upload)account. And I paid extra for poor quality service for 2 years.

Three days later the same Telekom Malaysia’s lady Sophia called and asked me why I signed up with agent and “How would she service me?” That was a very good question indeed.

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