Newspaper ‘Special’ Delivery Treatment

Just call the newspaper office and cancel my newspaper subscription.
The newspaper is ok but the delivery person is ‘terrible’ when come to my house the person just ‘simply threw’ it outside the gate while neighbor newspaper placed at gate. Since I received such ‘special’ treatment I decide not to be ‘honored’ by the ‘special treatment’.

Fortunately I opt monthly subscription now I can cancel and may be that made delivery man unhappy? Actually, I paid more for monthly subscription when compared to annual subscription but the delivery man has to collect subscription fee monthly.

There are so many newspaper to read both printed and online newspaper and TV news, cancellation of the newspaper won’t deprive me of the latest news/development.

A friend commented:
“You should complain to the office before the cancellation. The delivery man puts the newspaper inside our letter box everyday but sometimes half inside, half outside, when it is raining days, then I only read half of the papers! I will call the office and ask them to send another one!”

Actually we have letter box but the delivery man just can’t be bothered. I call the office to cancel subscription and also mentioned the delivery problem. The office lady didn’t apologise for the problem and didn’t ask me to keep the newspaper subscription but accept my cancellation. May be it has been a common thing to her? The office lady was not trained to apologize for the problem caused by the delivery man.

My friend said: “May be they have too much money already!”

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