Equal Opportunity Given To Be Rich?

My friend was so excited about it quickly read through the today front page news on Borneo Post only to be disappointed. To him, no equal chance has ever been given especially when BUMI special rights is/will be around with us for many years to come.

Even if equal chance do exist, that still depends on many factors to make one rich. First of all you must have the resources to get rich, that includes ‘you know who’, ‘you know how’ and ‘you got what’.

If you do not have the fund then you won’t have to fun to be rich.

If you do not know the right person who could assist you, you won’t have the right ‘jalan’ to move on to the ‘get rich’ path.

And if you do not have the ‘thing’ that the right person want, your chance to get rich is equal to zero.

True, trying to get rich is never an easy ‘job’, you must have the main three resources. But just may be what people want is not get rich opportunity but to have equal opportunity to enter local universities and government services. A fair deal in a democratic country.

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