Confusing Politics

My neighbor confused by leader’s call to get involved in politics instead of paying attention to their own business.

My neighbor was previously ‘educated’ to agree that politics is everywhere and you are involved whether you like it or not. But now leader felt that businessmen are busy with their own core business instead of current politics.

However, one should not be deceived into thinking as long as you are actively involved in politics you are answering the call of leaders. What they want is involved positively in their political parties and not the other political parties. The latter political parties are the wrong kind of politics to them. Worse still if you decide to participate actively in politics in the wrong camp.

One should not wonder why the call of involvement in politics for the following reasons:

1) election is near
2) opposition might get a big margin in the coming election
3) Public is now not as close to them as before

Though the politics is confusing as long as you don’t involve actively in the wrong camp you are considered good men or women.

Some complained that even if you are in the same camp, showing too much enthusiasm might bring ‘isolation’ especially when you are doing the ‘right’ thing and threatening others ‘position’ in the camp. An extreme case of using the victim’s handwriting to attack camp leaders happened making politics ‘very dirty’.

Leaders desire members unreserved contribution but unable to take care of the very basic welfare and livelihood of members ; in the long run members still have to find a mean to survive on their own after shouting slogan with the leaders. This perhaps why members and public shy away from confusing politics.

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