Credit Card Fraud

Sunday (4th March 2012), I went online to purchase ticket from Cebu Pacific Airline. I used UOB credit card to finalise transaction and UOB sms code to complete transaction but Cebu Pacific Airline rejected the transaction twice for unknown reason.

Today, I call UOB to inquire about the transactions and the lady said UOB approved the transaction but Cebu Pacific Airline rejected the transaction and she said the airline could claim the transaction within 7 days. I asked her if UOB could put a permanent stop to these transaction since airline had rejected the transactions; her answer was NO. Then I asked if I forward the print-out of rejection message of the two transactions, will they do it. She said NO. She said I have to wait until they do charge to my account then I could instruct UOB to deal with it. Isn’t it silly?

I wonder why credit card holders have to go through this kind of risk when such risk can be stopped before anything has happened?

I told UOB lady I might complain to Bank Negara if later such fraud/mistake do happen later and I asked for her name and I wrote down her name, today’s date and time that I made the call.

Miri Disel Spill Disaster And Suggestion

Miri Disel Spill Disaster

Miri Disel Spill Disaster

Such “accident” has caused much “hardship” to mirians and new planning should be on to see to it that no such repeat in the future.
1) All these disel or oil piping should be away from river or water source and these piping should be checked on regular basis to prevent leakage (by council, Miri water Board as well as the company concern.)

2) New water intake for water board should be identified and connected so that Miri will not depend on one source for water.

3) the company that causes such disaster should be penalised so that they will be more careful in the future and the company have to bear all cost of cleaning up.

Mini Film Festival For Sibu

Mini Film Festival

SMC has decided that Sibu Cultural Festival to be held in July 2012 after one year break.

However, I would like to see something different this time, may be a mini film festival? Inviting Taiwan, HK, China and even Europe film directors (less well known directors or producers) to show-case their production with some cash price for the winners? May be a category for Malaysians making use of Sibu scenery to producing a short film for competition too.

We have to bring in foreigners to our activities instead of earning each other pocket money, right?

Film shows at Sibu Town Square in the evening for 2-3 weeks will definitely attract more people to Sibu, Sarawak. May be a permanent Grand theater should be built on top of river in Sibu Town Square Phase II for present and future activities in Sibu Town Square.
In my opinion, fanfare type of activities is boring and less attractive. It is time to bring in foreigners to Sibu instead of having activities just for the locals.

New Sibu In The making?

Sibu development

Sibu is having more shophouses and shopping malls
Is that good when the population remain the same or reducing?
I wonder how come people still got the resources to build and buy such properties?

Friends said it could be one form of ‘money laundry’ but I could not agree with that as most development are done by reputed companies.

Some said the rental so low and cost of properties so high and monthly repayment to bank so high, return from rental not enough to pay bank installment.

One thing for sure, it gives the ‘feeling’ that Sibu is developing and progressing despite the security problems (killing and murdering cases).

One thing most people would like to see is ‘sufficient parking space’ accompanying the development. Many hope that SMC will not compromise the requirement of sufficient parking space allocation in the development plan with monetary penalty on the developers as it will bring more parking blue to Sibu people.

Drainage system is definitely an eye sore in Sibu. The Unggus Housing Garden next to Star Mega Mall is unacceptable by whatever standard with no drainage outlet and all discharge is to the vacant land next to the housing garden. Despite residents paying quit land and assessment fee to the authority most drainage in the region is in appalling state.

Metal Collection in the region is another eye-sore that needs relocation to prevent any untoward accident from happening owing to its location at the road junction.

Competition Act Creates Chaos?

Free For All?

Kopitiam Outlet

During a morning kopi-o drink with my friends in a kopitiam, some of my friends said the argument of Competition Act creating chaos could not hold any water. They reasoned even before Competition Act comes into law, Sibu Coffeeshop and Restaurant Owners Association has no control over its members charging public higher prices than recommended by Sibu Coffeeshop and Restaurant Owners Association during or after Chinese New Year.

Any kopitiams or outlets deciding to charge more will risk losing its customers as once ‘cheated’ by sudden increase in price public will move to other outlets. The only thing council or ministry of domestic trade & co-operative and consumerism should enforce is to make sure all prices of drinks and food listed on each table so that public will know prices before ordering. If too expensive public can decide to stay or move to other outlets.

Will the authority proceed to declare food and drinks sold in kopitiams and food outlet as “controlled item” if prices of food and drinks ‘out of control’ as claimed in the news? One friend jokingly suggested the authority should set the profit margin of all food and drinks prepared and sold in kopitiams and food outlets to 10-20% maximum. That will create a win-win situation perhaps?

Waiting For Hand-out?

1Malaysia People Assistance

Some regarded the “1Malaysia People Assistance (BRM1)” as hand-out while others alleged such assistance nothing but political candy.

Such assistance may be useful/helpful for those in financial difficulty but even in such case it will be ‘bad’ for the nation if wrong ‘habit’ has been inculcated in the process. Such generous act under BRM1 if becoming yearly or monthly event it will deplete our nation resource.

Most of us remember the Chinese fable of a farmer coming across a rabbit running into a tree and felt unconscious and became dinner for the farmer. From the following day onwards the farmer decided to wait by the tree for the same thing to happen as farming was definitely a tough job. He waited for months and yet no more rabbit would run into the same tree for him to have a easy harvest of rabbit. Hopefully, our people won’t treat “1Malaysia People Assistance (BRM1)” as the rabbit that would continue to provide ‘easy harvest’ without any effort on our own.

I believe most of us had often heard comments by our leaders saying “It is better teaching the needy how to fish instead of giving them fishes”. But are we doing the right thing by giving out “1Malaysia People Assistance (BRM1)” and the long queue at the “dispatch/distribution” counter has either confirmed a large number of our people are having financial difficulties or we are encouraging easy life by giving handout and at the same time inculcating wrong attitude?

Isn’t it better for Malaysian Government to adopt pro-active strategy to help Malaysian irrespective of race out of poverty and hardship? Some even suggested that if corruption could be stopped at all level Malaysian would not have to depend on “1Malaysia People Assistance (BRM1)”. But what should be the best solution for our problem?

What I don’t like about AirAsia website?

AirAsia Website Problem

AirAsia blindsided by fares issue

I find the following two items the worse problems online booking customers would face:
1) Insurance fee included first and you have to ‘cancel’ it to exclude it in the price.
2) Seat selection fee of RM30 (for HOT seat and RM 6 for normal seat allocation) included instead of having default selection of free system allocation of seat.

If you are in a hurry, you are forced to get confused and mistakenly allowing these two items to be included in the price. May be it is the intention of the website?

Why using the ‘cancel’ instead of straight forward something like this:
You need to buy traveling insurance? [Yes] [No]
Let people decide for themselves please, don’t intentionally force them to have insurance though it could mean coverage for any untoward incident.

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

[Click the picture to read in full size]

[Click the picture to read in full size]

It was reported in today’s Sin Chew Newspaper saying Certificate of Fitness for Occupation (CFO) has not been issued to the house involved in the brutal killing at Jalan RTM, Sibu.

The president of developers association Lau Ga King said without CFO developers could still proceed to obtain water and electricity supply for the house.

Mr. Lau also said it is required under council’s law and regulation that terrace house and semi detached house must have 9 inches thick of fire-wall (equivalent to 2 pieces brick size) up to the roof to prevent spread of fire and those with ulterior motive to climb over to next doors via space between roof and ceiling.

With these information, council should be able to come up with the following plan:

1) Council’s architect must check on the quality of finished houses (for any sinking or cracks on the building) as well as checking fire-wall as mentioned above up to the roof before issuing certificate of fitness for occupation. The developers of the housing project must sign a letter of indemnity to take full responsibility of any defects discovered and any harm incurred owing to the defects/poor workmanship of the houses in the next 3 years. Photos should be taken by architect to prove that proper inspection has been carried out before issuing CFO and these photos must be properly filed with the relevant documents for future reference.

2) Certificate of Fitness for Occupation must be obtained before water and electricity supply could be approved to prevent house owners taking the risk of living in ‘defective’ houses.

3) For existing houses that do not have the proper fire-wall council should contact developers to have it completed as soon as possible.

How to prevent next brutal killing from happening?

Murder case solved?

Police believe quadruple murder solved

After intensive investigation by polis force, at last the criminal identified. But some would say if the terrace houses in the region has proper walls built (inside the ceiling) to prevent illegal entry from neighboring terraced or semi detached house units via ceiling such brutal killing and similar tragedies can be avoided.

To prevent similar thing from happening, please make it a law that all semi detached and terraced houses must have full brick or concrete walls inside the ceiling to prevent spread of fire as well as case like this – murder from repeating!

If I am not wrong in Johor Bahru it is a must that adjacents walls with neighboring units must reach the roof to prevent fire from spreading as well as illegal entry through the opening in the space between roof and ceiling.

It is not difficult to move from one house to another if there is no walls between roof and ceiling. You just use a ladder to climb into your ceiling and from there you walk on the wooden frame into all the houses next to yours. Just imagine if a criminal can access it what will happen next? If you are having terrace or semi detach house make sure there is no such ‘loophole’.

Councillors in Sarawak should learn something from this brutal murder case especially when come to issuing CFO (Certificate Of Fitness For Occupation). Please make sure the adjacent walls that separate terrace houses or semi detached houses are built right to the roof top. If a law need to be passed in State Cabinet please do it. A new concrete house will give house buyer ‘false sense’ of security when in actual fact the houses they bought could be ‘defective’.

Another Credit Card Scam?

credit card

Just received a call from 0147283328 asking about credit card matters. I asked him where is he calling from. He said he is agent of credit card. I asked again where is he calling from. He said ‘thank you’ and terminate tele-marketing. I wonder why credit card holders have to subject to these kind of abuse daily? Our personal information is no longer P & C?

I think all these nonsense should be stopped. We need a law to protect being harassed by these people. It will be good if we can sue them for harassment and for being using our p & c information.