pbk photo Voon L SKuching, 1 July 2024 – A heated debate has erupted over the use of public funds for printing posters and billboards featuring images of ministers and politicians. Voon Lee Shan, President of Parti Bumi Kenyalang, has publicly condemned the practice, likening it to "stealing public funds" for personal gain.

"Public funds are meant for public projects, not for promoting the images of ministers and politicians," Voon stated. He emphasized that no existing laws allow the use of public money for such purposes. "This misuse benefits those contracted to create the posters while unfairly enhancing the politicians' images."

Voon has called for the immediate removal of these posters from public roads and places unless authorities can present a law that justifies this expenditure. "Public funds should be used exclusively for public purposes," he insisted.

He further argued against the enactment of any law that would permit the use of public funds for erecting posters of ministers in public spaces. "Taxpayers do not want their money spent on political promotions. They expect their contributions to be used for the country's development, including public utilities, infrastructure, science, education, and agriculture."

This call to action reflects a broader concern among citizens regarding the transparency and proper allocation of public funds.

Source: Voice of Kenyalang